Sunday, 29 June 2014

Ways I style denim in the summer to keep cool

hey everyone! thanks for stopping by at my blog :) 
its been quiet a while since I've posted here, due to working, classes and all sorts I've just been very busy. aha i know bad excuse but ill try harder from now on!

So I've just uploaded another video not along ago, and i thought ill talk about my reasons here:
the other day i was just sitting by the window of the apartment and looking at the little people below hehe x
then i realised oh wow lots of people tend to either nail or get completely confused on ways to wear denim in the summer, or even how to dress if its slightly chilly but the suns on high beams! In that case you'll definitely not want to wear anything thick on top!
so here are some ways i like to wear denim in the summer!
what are yours? cyndi out xoxox
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