Monday, 24 February 2014

February Spring Fabs!

Susan's Favorite S2014 Runway Trends
As well as Fashion in London and England in general , i also have a keen interest in fashion around the world. Throughout the past week we have all had the benefit to watch the fun events of  London Fashion Week unfold. This gives the world a chance to have a glance in to the future at the trends the public will be wearing during spring 2014. Today, i am sharing a few of my favourite trends that were forecasted for spring 2014.
I absolutely love the way Pastels are used in such a way to create a burst of colour into our wardrobes this really screams springtime, and brings all the positive vibes out. Spring fashion is a creative way to show new beginnings and a fresh leaf like a new intake to ones lifestyle . Not everyone is as dealing to be able to pull off wearing head-to-toe baby blue,  — as pictured in the runway shots, above — therefore one could  try substituting some of their everyday winter colours with a glimpse of enlightenment to your outfits. A good example could consist of a lime green dress matched with some adorable patterned floral tights,  and contrasting colours of tan speaks to spring without being over the top. Susan's Favorite S2014 Runway Trends
Floral designs have always been a spring trend, this is not a groundbreaking difference this spring  however this amazingly all age trend shouldn't be overlooked , especially for those who barely get to get away wearing such pattern designs. Floral dresses in particular help to Keep it light and airy.
Susan's Favorite S2014 Runway TrendsI know i am not the only one with this one, especially after which seems like forever of having to bear with cardigans and over sized jumpers, the best thing about spring is being able to put that all behind us which means ditching heavy layers in favor of something lighter. although spring does mean we ae in need of a light coat or cardigan, this season we have a large pool of variety to cast our nets to choose from. Throwing in a pastel knit top a collared shirt, a sweater or a light colourful crop jacket would be wonders for when the weather kicks in.
What trends are you dying to show off  this spring? Be sure to share with in the comments section below! 
I have also taken some photographs and videos taken based on the events of london fashion week. Check this page out again later on this week for reports from styles, new texture designs and more trends, makeup, extra fun, and goodies  on LFW.

Photographic images are fromFashion Gone Rogue , Harper’s Bazaar WWD , Harper’s and Glamour online magazine/blog.

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