Sunday, 12 January 2014

Winter is the new Summer

You guys , I know this is nuts but all I can think about is going on holiday! I'm absolutely dying to be away somewhere in the sun. Im dying for some sun rays! I was casually  laying in bed listening to the rain ( typical UK weather right - humph!) it got me daydreaming about the beach I literally jumped off my bed, ands meted to my laptop, then browsed to the Topshop website to look at bikinis. I've never been a huge bikini buyer but now I'm finding fabulous set's and costumes I'll be going crazy before I go on holiday. Here are my favourite cuties when looking through the swimwear section.

I absolutely love the detailing on this, the little crochet like flowers are adorable. Especially the way the top settles on the individual , it looks like it would be extremely flattering to the figure, as it is firm but not tight at the top, then it gradually flutters. This will  keep us ladies safe! ;)  - Meaning no bikini slips! I have seen a few of these and trust me it was not a pretty sight! As of now this is  definitely my favourite bikini top style. In a sum up if you are looking for a something flattering, yet safe, and girly- lets not forget the loose strips which add a playful effect, but not too extream  due to its  feminine style the black is a harsh colour. - which tones down the girly effect  £34! ( not bad eye')

This is my absolutely my favourite choice out of the four. As soon as I saw this on the Topshop website I fell in love, I just wanted to rush down to the store ASAP! But to be honest nowadays most people see a swimming costumes as something a five year old girl would wear. Most ladies would prefer to where the classic two piece, however, I find these types of bikinis  classy and extremely flattering, in other words less to the eye and more to the imagination hehe. This style stands  out more due to its high waisted pants which gives the illusion of a smaller waist, it makes you look smaller overall too, giving off an hourglass effect. The scalloped detail on the bust is absolutely gorgeous and the white and orange contrast each other perfectly. - £36

 I find bright bikinis are perfect for tropical holidays and even add to the fun. The pattern print on this piece, reminds me of one of those extravagant eye catching stain glass windows you would find in a church, if you want all eyes on you, this would be a great addition to your wardrobe. If you can't already tell I'm a huge fan of high waisted bikini bottoms. Especially  if you want to show off your stomach, however worried of a little belly, the elastic material of the costume would hold it back ( little trick there ladies!) , In addition the top sits quite low and the pants are high so you could still wear a bikini and expose minimal skin. In a sum up the perfect bikini for those wanting to be the apple among the oranges , yet caucus about being to0 revealing - £28.

This final bikini is absolutely gorgeous, I've been on the hunt for a polka dot bikini forever! The style and the colours give off a vintage and classic theme to this bikini for anyone searching for something a bit more quirky. The top is perfect and looks supportive. Even with such a bold pattern the minimalistic colours tone it down a lot. In a sum up perfect for all the vintage trend-setters out there. - £34.

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