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Elisa Lucia chapter 1.4 - No more secrets

I just couldn’t believe my eyes Shannon was cheating on Jerry, and Alex was betraying his brother. In their own house!
I couldn’t stop the shock I was in, I was so surprised I let out a gasp. It was too late I tried to cover my mouth to prevent the sound from coming out but it already happened, so I decided to make a run for it.

I didn’t make it that far before Shannon had grabbed me and pinned me to the floor. Alex stood there with a sinister smile on his face. The room was still dark, and my body was still shaken from just getting out of bed. I tried to fight her off me but she wouldn’t budge.

“ Let go of me!” I shouted as high as I could
“ Shut the ^%*%*@ up worm!” she spat back. Then slapped me across the face.
I tried to fight my instincts but I ended up in tears.

“ aww look at the baby cry” Shannon mocked at me . Alex began to laugh,  and Shannon joined in.
" This'll be a great memory to youll never forget " he said gesturing with his fingers as if setting the scene for a photograph.
I tried to fight my tears but I only ended up crying more.

She squished my face and brought my head up close to her mouth as she kept me pinned down on the floor“ Now listen up brat, no one , and I repeated no one is going to find out about what happened this evening, do I make myself clear!?”  She yelled as she tightened her grip on my arm.

“ Y-Y-YES “ I cried back, trying to hide my face, but she only kept gripping on my arm tighter and kept slapping me across the face, the pain was more intense I felt my face beginning to swell up.
what on earth did she want me to offer her as peace, money?! i don't have anything worth value on me.

Alex then stepped up “C’mon Shannon the kids in pain she aint worth the effort, you’ve already scared her enough let her be” . Although I have a disgust for Alex right now I’m glad he showed a little concern for me .

She shoved me across the floor and I skid my face against the carpet. It hurt like crazy but I couldn’t put my defence down again. Immediately she was out of reach from me I ran into my room and locked myself in.

 Then made a dive for the bed covers. My heart was beating like crazy, and it was still dark in my room I just wished the darkness would swallow me up whole. I just prayed that neither Elisa or Jerry would show up , I had to hide this from them, I couldn’t risk more conflict in the house.

Jerry’s point of view--*

I couldn’t believe how much Elisa had improved in her drumming skills, the girl was a quick learner, I just know that as she grows up shell definitely become someone known far and wide, I just know that girl will make it. Perhaps one day she will be able to join our band. Elisa is like a little sister to me so it came to no surprise that I couldn’t help but feel over joyed at the time.

Everything was going well in my life… well except from Shannon.
I’ve been extremely disappointed with her lately, I love her so much but I can’t state the attitude to the girls. I guess she feels out of place because I’ve been paying so much attention on the girls these past few weeks.

 But now I have come up with a way to make it all better, a way that we can all live together in peace, a way to put her mind at ease so she knows shell always have that spot in my heart.

I decided to leave Elisa to rehearse, she’s a smart kid shell do fine on her own. I called Shannon on the phone, and told her to meet me in the parking lot outside our apartment. She seemed surprised when I called her. I usually only call her in emergency’s seeing as we live together and all.

She walked up to me slowly and didn’t even give me any eye contact.... she seemed very nervous.

“ Jerry I’m sorry its all my fault I-“ I immediately broke her off “ Hey- hey Shannon its all my fault, I’ve not been paying much attention to you lately , I’ve been worked up because of the big gig coming up and also trying to find the girls a school, I’m sorry if I’ve come off in the wrong way , that’s why I’ve invited you out today. lets go out!” I took her hands in mine and gazed into her eyes.

She seemed to flinch for a bit and her face was in shock. She simply nodded her head .

Shannon’s point of view----*

Jerry had told me to drive the car, I had been driving for over n hour now, the car ride had been silent, and I began to sweat up and feel tense.

What the hell was going on?! Why would Jerry come and call me out of nowhere to meet him up, for a date?? The last time we went on a date was well over six months ago, we practically live together so what is he up to?? Perhaps did that little runt snitch me out? My stomach began to twist and turn to the thought of what Jerry would do to me if he found out I was sleeping with his brother.

“Where are we going Jerry?” I asked as we turned into the  driveway
“ Just keep driving ahead” he smiled at the taxi driver
“ Damn it c’mon Jerry how am I supposed to know if  its worth my time!”
“ You will “ he smiled again, tussling my hair. I rolled my eyes, and smiled back at him, and continued to drive. I just hated it when he does that, but I just couldn’t help but feel the tension in the car lift.

About thirty minutes later I was shaken up by Jerry’s sudden yell “ OH WOAH STOP THE CAR” the driver screeched the car in a quick halt.

“ Hey don’t do that you scared the absolute shit out of me! damn it Jerry!” He quickly ran out of the car and ran to the other side to open my side of the door. “ were here” he announced
 yeah no shit… I murmured under my voice, rolling my eyes again.

“Shannon Beaker if you roll those eyes again ill be forced to give you a spanking” he said teasingly. I looked at him in shock covering my mouth , as he laughed and nudged me .
“ So what are we doing here?” I questioned him.
He didn’t respond to me, and before I knew it he had grabbed me with one arm and clenched both my arms and used the other to cover my eyes.

“ What are you doing?” He didn’t respond, it was very quiet too quiet. OH MY GOD he found out didn’t he, that @%£^£ told him didn’t she Oh dear Lord I’m going to get it now, he’s been sweet to me this whole time to trick me! He’s probably hired a gang of holies to beat me to a pope.
Before anything could happen I couldn’t help but to leech out the goods

“ Oh Jerry Im sorry babe please forgive me don’t hurt me it was all a misunderstanding I didn’t mean to do wrong—“

Jerry removed his hands from my eyes and was looking back at me puzzled; behind him was a beautifully set dinner in front of a gorgeous view of the ocean. I stood there shocked and speechless.
“ What are you on Shannon” he laughed again grabbing my arm taking me towards the table.

Elisa’s point of view----*

It was getting late and I had just come home from drumming lessons. All the lights, where off in the house, which gave me, the assumption, that no one was home. Just great I thought to myself Shannon had probably taken Lillian out again.  I headed to the kitchen to grab a snack , then headed to my room for bed. As I jumped on the bed someone let off a huge  scream

“LILIAN ? what are you doing hiding under the covers in the dark?”
“Oh hey Elisa …” she seemed a bit down so I asked her what was wrong, but she said she was simply tired and gotten a headache from watching Tv all day hence the reason why the lights are off, and just wanted to rest in bed. I couldn’t hide my excitement and asked Lillian if she would evaluate my new drumming skills as I had improved a lot since she last heard me play.

I headed over to the lamp to lighten up the room before heading for the drumming kit“ No wait don’t “ she yelled. But I had already turned it on.

I stared at Lillian from the other side of the room “ Oh my God Lillian what happened to your face!” It was all swollen and puffy I demanded an answer from her but she simply just hid her face under the covers.

“ Don’t look at me!” she screamed
“ What happened to you LIL?”

She came out of the covers and looked up to me in the eyes then busted out crying.
“ Elisa I don’t like it here anymore I don’t want to stay here anymore, I cant stand it anymore Shannon is always mean to me, Jerry is very cross with me from being led by her all the time, and I miss everyone back at the orphanage! “She yelled. She began to cry harder now, so I quickly grabbed her into a hug.

 “Elisa I didn’t want to seem so selfish by asking for us to leave, you seemed so happy here, you’re finally pursuing your dream and we are going to be starting school soon, I just didn’t want to be a big stinky diaper head you have to carry around that ruined your life.”
“ Don’t cry Lil everything will work out soon and I promise ill always be by you’re side, please don’t hide things from me anymore”.

Lillian’s point of view---*

Even though I had confessed my true feelings to Elisa, I still couldn’t come about to tell her what happened this evening, I knew if I told her she would rather have us take to the streets again, and I couldn’t bare that thought. Don’t hide things from me anymore’ she says…. I’m sorry Elisa but I am going to have to keep a grip on this one.

“ Then what happened to you’re face then, “ Elisa asked. I put my head against her chest sucking my thumb.
“ I was crying and rubbing my eyes so much it poofed” I gave a fake giggle trying to make it sound as sincere as possible. Elisa giggles back and teased me about being a crybaby again. Gosh I’m becoming as bad as Niana now, if I keep up the lies no one will ever believe a word I say!

An hour later we heard a big commotion in the living room. Elisa and I decided to head out to see what was going on, it turns out Jerry and …. Just great Shannon are back home.  They where both really excited about something so I just had to ask.

“ What’s going on “ I asked Jerry purposely aiming the question at him avoiding any communication or looks don’t both Alex and Shannon.
“ Yeah man , what s all the buzz about” Alex complains butting in.
“ Well you’re not going to believe it bro!” Jerry raised his voice as if he was about to make an announcement.

“ Shannon and I are now engaged!” He yelled in excitement with his arms around her. Shannon let off a little cheer and a clap.
The room suddenly fell silent. I looked at Alex who was giving Shannon a dirty look. Who was then grinning from ear to ear at me giving me the stare of death. Jerry didn’t get why everyone was acting so odd and neither did Elisa.

Elisa looked at me concerned then back at Jerry. This was one awkward moment. We all stood there until Alex broke the silence .

“ Bro you’re kidding me ight? her?! Are you @&^£*% kidding me!? I knew you where dating her marriage you’re &@@*& crazy! “ He stormed out of the room slamming his door . I covered my ears and ran towards the flat elevator, Elisa ran after me.

“Lillian what’s wrong?” she asked as she continued to follow me down the flat stairs.
“Nothing!” I yelled still fast walking trying to get away form her without making it look like I desperately am.

“Lillian for crying out loud didn’t we talk about this, you have to tell me what’s eating you up , and what went on back there you know something don’t you, Lillian?!” I continued to fast walk down the stairs I dare not look back at her face because I know once I do Ill become mush in her arms, then break down like I always do.

“ Damn it Lillian don’t you care about us at all “ Just keep walking I said to myself
“ You can’t keep doing this to me LiL! If you keep this up ull ---“ Just keep walking I kept telling myself.

( lolz sorry about the change of outfits they decided theyll go to bed before staging the scene -__-)

“ Lillian you’ll become like Jake! You’ll keep on hiding and hiding secrets until one day you’ll disappear and no one will know where you are or be able to find you, is that what you want!”
I couldn’t keep walking, my body, my bones, and my hear froze, I couldn’t do it anymore, I couldn’t leave Elisa. Right from the beginning we swore to stick together even if it means being thrown out of the house onto the streets again.

 She’s already lost so much, and Its my entire fault , my fault that I ended up in Shannon’s claws in the first place…. I just couldn’t do it.
I turned around and ran back to her. She grabbed me and gave me a hug I just had to tell her before I she could say anything to make me feel like the victim, I knew I wasn’t innocent so I had to do it.

(LMAOOO! at the creeper in the background!!)

“ Shannon is cheating on Jerry Elisa! , they beat me up and threatened me not to tell, what are we going to do , should we let Jerry be with her!”

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