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Elisa Lucia chapter 1.3- Trust and Betrayal

A few days have passed ever since the whole Lillian and Shannon drama at the house. I had been practicing my musical skills day in and out, and I was totally rocking!  I just knew that if I ever meet my mum ill definitely be the daughter she will be proud of.

I’ve been going to lots of concerts with Jerry, and he’s been very nice to me. Infect today he even took me to the summer fair! It was so fun we played football, painted our faces and even joined in a eating competition!

Lillian had other interests though that girl really worried me. For the past few days’ she’s been hanging out with Shannon the cannon. They would leave the house in the morning and come back late at night. Although she always told me what they did together I was still worried about her, I was worried that Shannon would be a bad influence on Lillian but what could I do, I didn’t want to seem cruel to Lillian by telling them to hang out with each other, or stand up to Shannon. Just her presence frightens me.

Every now and then when I was out with Jerry I would often beg to stop at a near by school playground to watch the kids outside run around and play. It brings me joy thinking about how what it would be like to start going to school, it also reminded me of how back at the orphanage we would lock ourselves in our rooms and pretend that the door was Jammed shut to trick Casey and the beast, meanwhile we played and laughed inside.

Guess what!!  Today Jerry noticed how enthusiastic I was about school and decided that he would enrol Lillian and I!! I just couldn’t believe it my feelings went out of the roof I just cant wait to tell Lillian!

“ That will be after you two have had a medical check up that is I cant risk you not being well enough to go , there’s something definitely wrong if two hyper active girls like you and Lillian always take a dive for the floor” he laughed shoving  me to the side.

I giggled back. For once I felt like I could truly laugh and smile with Jerry, I had always felt awkward and out of place before“  But I was soooo exhausted even the floor looked comfy back then ! I enthused back also Lillian was only kidding!”

I just really can’t wait to start school! I would do my best and make mum proud. Ill be going to an performing arts school and Lillian would be going to a school with other kids her age. ……now I really really cant wait to tell Lillian, I just hope she’s home when I tell her.

Lillian’s point of view---**

I can’t stand this anymore! Shannon has been really mean to me these last few days at first it was all fun and games but now it’s going way too far. Today she told me to distract a club bouncer as she snuck into an exclusive club.

 I’ve been sitting here for hours and hours and she still hasn’t come back out yet. I’m really frightened lots of adults have walked passed me wobbled and even fallen right in front of me at one point some freak stopped and gave me a scary look then screamed at me for no reason.

 Someone stood up to him and he eventually left he was ‘drunk ‘apparently, although I don’t know what that meant its no excuse to be so mean.  I was kinda worried about Shannon she had taken a lot of 'juice' before coming here, she drank so much she passed out and even got stuck in the elevator door!! Im so scared I just wanted to go home! 

Bouncer: “ Hey Kid, how long are you goanna stay there for? You ought to start heading out soon cuz the club Is about to close.”
“Close!!??” I yelled in shock “ It cant close I’m waiting for someone and I don’t have any idea of how to get back home!”

The bouncer gave me a stern look as if to say ‘ its none of my business and I couldn’t care less’.
“ Please I beg of you, please just let me into the club I want to look for my friend and then I can leave, I don’t want to cause any problems!” I pleaded
“No way kid there was no way In hell I’m letting you in, you’re underage and even worse I could lose my job!”

It wasn’t fair I cant just stay here I’ve already been sitting here for five hours!!! Its all ready 3am Elisa will go nuts when she finds out where I’ve been! After that terrifying confrontation with the bouncer I returned to my seat and sat for what seemed forever then suddenly there was a huge commotion outside lots of people began to run outside, including the bouncer. I didn’t care about what was going on outside! I just had to take advantage of the situation so I snuck in while I could.

As I walked into the club the intensity of the atmosphere got to me. People kept on whispering to each other, then would look back at me .The music was booming, people where cheering, and it smelt heavily of strawberries? I shifted myself through the crowd of dancers as In a desperate need to find Shannon. Then I spotted her in the midst of the crowd!

“ Shannon ! I want to go home please take me home I’m scared and people keep staring at me!” Shannon was dancing on top of the bar  giving the paying the mixologist no attention as he constantly swore at her telling her to climb down from the bar. I knew this was the wrong time but I couldn’t help but admire her sense of adventure.

“ No way kid this place is hot! There’s no way I’m leaving now! Well leave when I say so! Tonight we are closeting with the club!!” she screamed with excitement
“ Closing with the club? What do you mean Shannon?” I yelled back trying to beat the sound of the loud stereo behind me.”

“ Lilian you suckkkkkkkkkk!!!” she slurred back at me.
The mixologist shot me a look, and I knew I was going to have it now. Before I knew it I had been kicked to the curb and on the streets alone.

I didn’t have anywhere to go so decided to wonder off to the playground in the park that Elisa and I waited for Jake at.  I sat on the swing and began to cry.

“Why was the world so cruel to me what have I done to deserve this now ill never see Elisa again.”
“ Are you okay?” A friendly voice said
I rubbed the tears out of my eyes and looked up to see a boy around my age just plain blank staring at me.

“Yeah I’m okay “I mummered , I’m just really upset  is all “
 “ Hi my name is Dodge, what’s yours ?”
“ mm- my name is Lillian “ I stammered back my voice was still husky from the crying, and I was in no mood to talk, especially to a stranger.

“ Hey Lillian nice to meet you” he smiled back, “ why are you out here all by yourself, is it because your playing hide and seek with your friends and maybe you cant find them, cuz that’s happened to me a lot ! you should just shout for them”
“ No! That’s just silly” I laughed back, boy this kid was wack in the head.
“  Then why are you out here crying?”

“ I’m not crying !!!” I huffed back “ Im just got something in my eye that’s all, besides why are you being so nosy why are you out so late? !”

“ well actually I lie just across the street from here, and every night I sneak out to the park to play, you see my parents are always arguing during the day so I never get time for myself” he’s cheerful smile had now shifted to a frown .

I looked at him while shaking my head with a disappointing frown. “ But what if you get caught by the night cops, and wouldn’t your parents be worried if they find out your missing”

“Not really, the cops don’t really come round here at night!, and as for my parents they don’t care about me, I always lock my bedroom door at night so they cant get in to bug me about their problems , they always compete for my love after they argue you see, so I sneak out from my window and if I don’t answer they just assume I’m asleep.”

At that point in time I had just realised that even other kids that still lived with their family’s had problems too.

“ Bah- rich people” I snubbed smiling back at him.
“ Come on Lillian lets play!” he yelled as he jumped onto the swing beside me, then we began to play practically till the wee hours of the morning.

Since we where the only ones in the park it was extremely fun, we didn’t have to queue up to go on the swings, the slide, or even the sandbox it was awesome!
We played tag! It was so funny because the park was so huge! We where able to convert the game into tag go hide! I hid behind some bushes but Dodge was a great seeker and found me quickly.

Dodge was a really funny kid too he made me laugh so much heck he’s even funnier than Jake! I was having the time of my life I had never ben able to have this much fun before back in the orphanage yet be able to play with toys or have friends.

As we where playing football, I suddenly realised why I was here in the first place! I was so zoned out I had forgotten that we where playing football and I was the keeper! The ball hit me on the head knocking me back into reality

“owwww!” I yelped
“ oops are you okay?” He yelled running from the other side of the pitch
“ yeah I’m okay, its going to take worse than a football to knock me out, after what my head has been through lately.

Dodge seemed puzzled after my remark but just asked why I zoned out like that. I told him how I had to get beck home ASAP , but couldn’t remember the way back home.
Dodge made fun of me for being a ‘indoor cat’ and told me how he was streetwise and could probably help me get home if I could describe the area.

While on the walk home I asked him what it wad like living in a family, being able to go to school, being able to have friends. He answered all my questions and he seemed shocked as to why I was asking, I just couldn’t hide my excitement I really wanted to know what it was like to grow up in his circumstances.

I didn’t want to tell him about the orphanage, so I brushed off the subject.
“ Hey Dodge!! You’re it!” I exclaimed hitting him across the backside.
“ Hey that’s not fair!” he shouted as I ran off into the distance.

Luckily for me he was so caught up in the game I avoided his question, phew! We played tag until we finally reached my neighbourhood, I recognised the lots, and various houses. I couldn’t hold my excitement and started running around Dodge jumping in circles. He simply laughed and made a comment on how I could have been a grasshopper in my pervious life. I didn’t like the idea of being green and tiny, but I was so happy to be able to be conversing with someone I didn’t mind it.

Elisa’s point of view---*

For crying out loud it was now 6am and Shannon the Cannon hadn’t brought Lillian back home! I stood in the living room constantly staring out the window in hoping that they would show up any moment. Jerry was on the phone trying to call Shannon but she wasn’t picking up. We had been waiting for them ever since we had gotten back at 4pm. Alex had already gotten up eaten and left for his morning part time job.

Then as if it had been a miracle I spotted a young girl in the distance that looked as if it could have been Lillian! Jerry rushed to window and identified her. We dashed out of the room and made a run outside to meet her.

“Lillian!”  I yelled “running up to her.
“ hey Elisa , Jerry!” she seemed oddly excited …

“Where is Shannon “ Jerry asked crossly
“ She’s at the club, I wasn’t allowed in so I had to make my way back on my own then I got lost so had some help….. “she mummred  looking down at the floor. “ Elisa, Jerry I’m so sorry I-“

“ Wait are you telling me that Shannon took you to a club and left you there??!”
‘Well not exactly… I wanted to go home and she didn’t so-“
Before Lillian could finish her sentence Jerry had stormed back into the house fuming!

I looked back at Lillian who was waving to a boy who was walking in the distance.
“ Whos that ?” I asked
“ That’s my new friend!” she exclaimed, “He taught me how to play lots of neat games! Oh and he helped me get home, if it wasn’t for him ill still be roaming the streets.

I simply just smiled at her and gave her a hug. I was so glad she was back. I couldn’t take the fact that she was hanging out with Shannon so much that I begged her not to anymore. Lillian confessed that at first she thought she was cool, but didn’t like her anymore and agreed to stay away from her.

“ Guess what LIL, Mr Jerry was going to enrol us at school, and this time it’s a real school no slaving away in the sun, no salads for lunch! We are going to be with other people our age, learning and living to the fullest!

I just simply loved Lillian’s reaction to the news her eyes slowly light up and she ran around in excitement. Gosh I miss being a little kid, she’s so excitable and easily impressed. I just couldn’t wait for us to start performing arts school; I couldn’t wait to find my mum.

Later on that morning around 10am Shannon the cannon and Jerry had an ugly confrontation in the living room while we where eating breakfast.
Shannon had just walked into the house and Jerry was furious as to where she had been all night, how she could take a minor to the club yet again leave her there for hours, and leave her to wonder the streets alone in the middle of the night.

“ Why cant you cant be kinder to her for @&^% sake!! Can’t you have compassion for others! Damn it Shannon you’re just a self righteous cow , you cant think of nothing but yourself , even if you cant be kind to her cant you do it for me!”

Shannon began to cry “ Listen to yourself Jerry cant you see what these kids are doing to us, they are tearing us apart, cant you see they are just con artists trying to live on us, eventually they’ll slowly rob us blind then be off to someone else’s home!”

Jerry couldn’t believe what he was hearing coming from Shannon’s mouth and just stormed off into the other room.
As Jerry left the room she quickly pranced in front our faces and yelled“ You useless pigs stop leeching on us and get the hell out!” then ran crying into though her bedroom, slamming the door shut behind her.

Although I hated Shannon so much I couldn’t help but feel guilty, yes she is a bad person, yes she’s ignorant and doesn’t understand the world we come form, but it was us that was evading her world and preventing her happiness. I was lost to words; I looked down at my breakfast and was instantly put off from eating. ‘Who was I to deserve this meal ‘, I thought.

Lillian’s point of view---*

The afternoon had gone quickly, I awoke in my bed around 7.30pm. I hadn’t slept all night so decided ill catch up. Elisa had gone out with Jerry for musical lessons. The room was dusk and my eyes where still hazy, and I was extremely thirsty.

So decided to hop out of bed and head to the kitchen. I was still half asleep so, I waddled as I waked into the living room. Then out of nowhere I heard giggling. I peered around the room and I was 100% sure I was alone. I heard the giggles again; only this time it was another voice. Where the deuce where they coming from?

As I waddled to the other side of the living room the laughter got slightly louder, I then realised that they where coming from Shannon’s room. Without hesitation I peered into the slightly open room.

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