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Elisa Lucia chapter 1.2 - New Begging's, and New Frenemies

I don’t know why, and I don’t know what it was but there was something I just couldn’t stand about this woman. The way she walked. The way she talked. It irritated me! She just gave off wrong vibes in all directions, and now what was she doing, why on earth was she half naked?
Lillian and I just sat there motionless not able to move just frozen from her presence as if she had cast a spell on us. Suddenly ‘it’ spoke and we snapped out of it.

“Shannon?!” Jerry had just come in the room and looked as surprised as we did.
“ Hi jerry baby!” she responded shifting her hips from side to side, as she puffed her lips. I assumed they knew each other. I began to follow the conversation that was unravelling around me.

“What are you doing here, you didn’t mention anything about coming over, and cover up for Christ sakes can’t you see there’s children here?!” he responded sharply eyeing us. I gave Lillian a glance and she seemed as confused as I was. I wanted to get up and leave, but I didn’t want to draw any attention to myself.
“Oh are you talking about those two?, is alex baby sitting again? I didn’t really acknowledge their presence so why should they?” she replied trying not to lose her cool approaching him in a slow sexual manner. Jerry gave her a look as if to tell her to go out.
“... Ugh I thought I would come over to surprise you.... but ...clear---ly I can see your busy” she hissed as she walked into the other room.


This was a really awkward moment, just great and just when I was beginning to feel comfortable here. What’s the deal with these two? So what is she not the house cleaner now? What in pancakes name was she trying to do here? I pondered on this for a few seconds until I was alerted by Jerry’s presence.
“I’m sorry about that guys that’s just Shannon she’s can be a real diva at times.”
“Oh wow she’s really pretty!!Is she you’re girl friend, does she live here too, she’s going to be living with us then right!?” Lillian exploded out of the blue..again.
“Quiet Lil ! quit being so nosy” I sneered back at her.

Jerry started laughing again “Hey it’s cool Elisa.” He responded putting his arm on both of our shoulders. “Yeah she is my girlfriend, and yes she lives here too, I also live with my brother too it wouldn’t be long till he comes back”.
“Why do you all live together” I asked looking up at him from my shoulder.
“Now Elisa that is a very inappropriate question to ask , don’t ask people things like that.” He yelled crossly

He’s voice frightened me so much I fell out of my chair and grabbed Elisa hand. I stared at him frightfully, then he began to laugh.
“I’m sorry Elisa I just had to mess with ya’”
“ Ahaa... you got me there...” I responded awkwardly rubbing my arm... damn it, I made a fool out of myself again. Why is the universe so against me.
“You’re so clumsy Elisaaaa!” Lillian giggled. I simply stack my tongue out back at her.
“We actually live together because we are in a band together, were called the soaring fish” he exclaimed “ we are getting well known in this town and hope to make it big!”

My eyes widened up and I began to feel the adrenaline rush through my vanes. “REALLY REALLY IS THAT TRUE “ I yelled at the top of my voice
“ That is sooooo awesome can you teach me how to play some instruments!!” I begged raising my hands in the air
Jerry seemed surprised by my actions, because he paused and flinched back for a bit but then he smiled and agreed. Lillian and I jumped for glee.! We where so excited, that even i forgot my manners and started talking non stop so did Lilian.

I spent the next few hours taking lessons on how to pay the drums in Jerry’s rule.

 This was just beyond epical; I couldn’t believe that I Elisa Lucia is actually have begun to place the tracks on the floor to future stardom! Jerry said I was a quick learner and would definitely make it if I were to pursue to become a musician.

A few more hours flew but then Jerry’s brother Alex showed up stating that they had a special opportunity to perform at a swingy club downtown, as the other band had cancelled on them. I begged my ass off and tried to get Jerry to take me to the gig, eventually he gave in, but his girlfriend Shannon the cannon wasn't happy about it.

And just as I expected the gig , the venue, the music ...was legendary!! There was just no way I was giving up my life time wish now. I just had to pursue it no matter the odds.

-- Lillian’s point of view

Elisa was home sitting on the couch flicking the TV channels
I couldn’t believe that I was left at home all alone! It’s so unfair, it’s not like I wanted to go to the gig, I just feel so violated by not being allowed to go because of my age! Oh well as long as Elisa is happy, I’m happy. I’m just happy being all snug and cosy in front of the television. One day i want to be like one of those pretty ladies on TV.

“Stupid little brats, stupid Jerry who the %$a*!@ does he think he is??” Someone seemed mad so I jumped off the couch to investigate. It was that pretty lady she was back early!! “What’s wrong, are you alrite “I exclaimed with full concern. “huh- oh it’s you ?! Listen kid do me a favour and bring the instruments up stairs “walking off pushily, and then plonking herself in front of the television changing the channel.

Oh boy this was my chance!! I had secretly admired Shannon, for her confidence and attractiveness, I would do anything to befriend her, so I raced down the stairs to grab the instruments, they were quiet heavy, and I had to get them all into the elevator. I had scraped raw my elbows running too close to the wall in an attempt to stop half of the instruments from leaving with the elevator.

But I didn’t care as long as I could proof to Shannon that I’m very useful, just then maybe she would take a likening to me. Once I had gotten the instruments into the flat I raced towards Shannon. “ Mission accomplished” I said trying to sound calm and neat while trying to hide that I was heavily breathing and dying from exhaustion.

At this point in time Shannon was in the bathroom and was applying more powder to her face; gosh she was so pretty I couldn’t help myself to say it. “You’re so charming and pretty Shannon how do you do it, you’re amazing, one day I want to be able to be as confidant as you!”

I must have said something wrong because she suddenly pulled a shocked expression then shot me a look that could strike a kitty dead. “Are you trying to say I’m some kind of freaky loser?!! She yelled so loud it frightened me , I just tightened my fists and kept my eyes on the floor. “No ... you got it wrong ... that’s not what I meant...” I mummred, trying hard to fight away tears.

” You low life thing! you think you can just walk in here and insult me in my own home, ever since you’ve gotten here you’ve just been a big leech a pain to have around, people like you should die, low scum like you shouldn’t exist in this world you little piece of %*%’~#. “ no I didn’t mean it like that” I pleaded, looking up at her ranging face.

Then I suddenly she lifted her arm, and before I could react I felt a powerful force against my face. The impact of the slap caused me to fall back on the floor. I tried to shift the weight of my body .. but I couldn’t move.

---- Elisa’s point of view

I was having the best nights of my life, laughing, and messing about and had just come up the elevator with Alex and Jerry, when the fun abruptly stopped as we heard screaming from coming inside the apartment, then what sounded like a hit, then a huge thud!

We ran to where the sound was coming from. Only to see Shannon the cannon and OH MY GOD ELISA MOTIONLESS ON THE FLOOR!!

Without hesitation I ran up to her and screamed her name over and over, she still wasn’t moving, and I began to sob above her little precious face. “Lillian I “screamed as if my voice was the antidote, my tears began to dampen her face now.

 “What the hell did you do are you insane?! ” Jerry yelled facing Shannon’s direction. “ oh please” she hissed “ I only shoved her a incy bit she’s probably just faking it for attention... been there done that “ and began to stroll out of the room again. I was so mad I yelled at her in anger for being so careless. She paused in shock for a brief second, then began to walk out the room again.

Before she could get far Jerry grabbed and twisted her arm in the air, she began to shriek for him to let go “ I swear to God if this kid doesn’t get up you’re the one that’s going to get the shove into prison!”

I didn’t care about stupid Shannon and I didn’t care about their pesky relationship issues. Right now all I cared about was Lillian’s health!

“Please help her “I pleaded to Alex who just stood non contributing to the situation as if he was just a piece furniture, he was more concerned about his phone that he had just dropped on the bathroom floor than a unconcious person!

He suddenly least to my exportations sprung into action.  He Wrapped Lillian’s arms around his neck, and raised her off the ground. Lillian isn’t a big girl but he seemed to struggle as he shifted her body from left to right and back, just of a short distance from the bathroom floor to his bedroom bed. Jerry had gone to call 911 while I scurried after Alex in a panic.

“Do you know what to do?” I questioned Alex. He just gave me a nervous look then glanced back at Elisa, mummed a bit and then finally uttered “I’m sorry Elisa but I’m not qualified to perform CPR I could make her situation worse, lets wait until the paramedics arrives”.

A few seconds later as I started to cool down from my tantrum. I peered up at the supposed to be in a dense state Lilian… only to realise she was awake?! She was just sitting there on the foot of the bed speechless staring at me as if I had gone mad.

“What are you doing on the ground Elisa?
“Lillian?! “ I approached the bed slowly surprised “What … are you okay, you where just out cold a few seconds ago how did yo---“
“ Don’t be silly Elisa “ she smiled “ I was only playing “ she replied slightly turning her head and raising her eyebrow.

Alex then decides to step into the conversation “ Lillian what are you talking about, Shannon claims that she shoved you , and I guess you must have been knocked out somehow because you didn’t move at all!”

We both stared at her waiting for her response, the room was dead silent. Jerry ran into the room in a panic about to announce that the ambulance had just left the hospital, when he caught what was going on in the room.
“Actually” Lillian continued
“Shannon and I where playing a game, and we made a bet on who would grab the most attention, and clearly I won since you guys are all here” she smiled to each one of us. “ It goes to show that you guys really care about me “.

 “im grateful for all of sincere concern, but no one is with Shannon don’t you guys think you should be much nicer to her too” she smiled shaking a finger and rolling her eyes. Then walked off to the living room.

I was flabbergasted I had never seen Lillian act that way before, and I’ve never seen her pull of a stunt like that… I felt like something had gone wrong somewhere but decided that whatever it was … it was just best to leave it for now. Jerry had now gone into Shannon’s room and Alex was just sitting there at the edge of the bed with that usual emotionless look on his face.

Lillian’s point of view----**

I sat there on the couch, the television was on, but I wasn’t paying attention to it. I was lost in my thoughts. I held the cushion across my mouth to disguise the pain I was in. I was just knocked out cold a few seconds ago and had just rushed out of bed without any form of recovery, my body was quivering and my chest was tight, it was extremely hard to breath. I ‘ve done this to myself now, and there was no turning back. There was no way I could let Shannon take the blame. There was no way that I would let my current state get in the way of Elisa’s happiness.

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