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Elisa Lucia Chapter 1.1 - Nothing comes from patience

It had become dawn in Bridgeport.....
Kids began to flock into the park playing with their friends, siblings, parents.... they were happy... not a worry in the world
I watched them for a good thirty minutes...... playing, running, and laughing.
Even the animals seemed much happier than
It was as if the universe was mocking me.

I sat there looking miserable and confused, I felt as if a part of me had been missing, taken away, for the first time of my life.... I felt lonely.

Looking at those kids made me wonder about poor little Lillian. She’s just a kid and it’s unfortunate she was born into such circumstances; she’s never been able to experience what’s its like growing up doing kid stuff. How was I going to manage with her?

It’s all my fault, if only I insisted that we stick together then maybe we would be safe.... I don’t know anything about street life and Jake is to hard headed to think things too clearly. My mind began to wonder back to what Jake said

 “Every now and then, when the beasts and fat face would send me to deliver the wine shipments,  ..I would manage to wonder off for a bit before returning to the orphanage and gaining any suspicion, that way I got to know a good family just outside of town. They said they’ll help us Elisa! They said they’ll take us to a real school, and teach the little ones to ride a bike and put sand down their pants! They don’t have much money but we can manage anything is much better than this place. We will leave in a few days right before supper, when those two are busy being distracted from Fatboy tom pretending to have a stroke, we will make our escape then. But just the three of us... if we all go together now they’ll just call the  cops and bring us all back.. a pack of kids roaming around town stray is easy to spot out. We will come back for them when butt face and the beast are on rounds.... then we will strike. And once that is done we will have enough evidence on them to lock those two up for good. We will finally have the lives we deserve.”

But where could Jake have gone? Why did he leave us? Or perhaps he’s hurt or in trouble? Or maybe they found him and took him back to the orphanage? All these questions raced through my head all I want I began panic again...  what would we do now?

I remember once Niana had escaped well actually Niana was a frequent run away... shell escape in the midst of the night but was always caught and returned home to the us. She would tell them about the brutal conditions of the home, but the cops just wouldn’t have it, they wouldn’t believe her.
“Which child wouldn’t want to leave the orphanage” they’ll say

“ Of course they would only say the worst, but of course they are being treated right, kids these days don’t know how lucky they are to be picked up when they don’t have a home” then they’ll be off.

Niana also has a big file back at the station to be known as a great liar so they would also keep a watch out for her on the streets, and call a bluff on whatever she told them......  she became doomed that way.

Apart from that most of the time when she went missing she was often found at the beach just gazing into the sea and beyond. She goes there often, that’s where her parents often took her when they use to come visit. Each time she escaped she wouldn’t be allowed to eat for weeks and was often given the chair... poor girl, she’s much braver then I.

There was no point in us trying to escape the orphanage there was anywhere to go and they were always on a look out for us...... so we came to accept that we where stuck... but this time I was sooo sure we would win! We would hop on a bus straight out of town, Jake had been sneaking in money for the wine shipments for months for us to be able to afford the bus ride.... and now he’s nowhere to be found. What would we do now? It’ll be only a matter of time before we were caught. And I could only imagine the beatings Fatboy tom and Niana are getting back at home.

I began to sob, but then Lillian walked up to me so I had to hide my tears.... I was her role model after all if I was going to start crying in front of her than how would she react, what would she do then?
I gave her a big hug, and said it was going to be okay and it was a good idea that we should leave the area. 
“What should we do now Elisa?” She looked up to me as if she had placed her entire existence in my hands. I panelled looking around the park for a brief moment then looked back down on the little ones face.
“Lil’ we need to wait for Jake ..... emm maybe he got caught up somewhere and couldn’t find his way back or something ... let’s stay here for a while huh?. If we leave now we might miss him let’s just be patient okay?”
“mmkaayyy” she simply replied nodding consistently.

We spent the rest of the evening roaming around the park. I felt really exposes just hanging out here in the open, so Lillian suggested we hide in the kiddie hangout and look out for Jake from there. We prayed so hard that they wouldn’t spot us in here, after all the police tend to check the areas that people were last seen before going missing. However now it was getting really late we were hungry, dehydrated, in badly need of a shower and exhausted from lack of sleep.

I noticed that Lillian began to often place her hands on her stomach, and then clench her fist tightly.
“Lillian what’s wrong, are you okay, did you hurt yourself?” I questioned her in a quick panic. “I’ve been hungry since last night, but I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to look selfish, we were on the run after all.” She murmured with her small puppy eyes. A huge wave of guilt began to blow all over me... I didn’t have anything on me and I didn’t know how to respond to the dear child. I frowned at her and she sunk her head in response... I’m guessing she got the idea of the situation.
There was no way we could ever think of going to social services they’ll just send us back to the orphanage.... Where they’ll force us to work all night and day....
And then it hit me! I remembered that Bridgeport was a classy area for rich snobs so that meant....!!
“Hey! Follow me!!!” I shouted as I ran calling at her from behind.

we ran to a nearby posh neighbourhood Lillian began to trail behind me so I grabbed her by the hand and forcefully dragged her across the neighbourhood as quick as I could, fearing anyone would see us.
It was a small community not far from the central park with lots of lavish green grass, with decorated front porches, pools and assorted flowers. It was the community plantation, where delicious fruits and vegetables grew.
“What are we doing here Elisa?” she questioned me tugging me shirt sleeve. I didn’t respond and gave her a simple “shhhhhh”, and figured it best to show her instead. I dashed up to a nearby plant and plucked some fruit for us to eat.

“How is it lil’?” I asked.
“Mmmmmmmmmm yummmyyy!!!” she yelled, at the top of her voice! She then started to do a ballerina dance across the quad.

Silly kid I thought to myself. Just watching Lillian express herself makes me happy. I envy her for being so cheerful in the toughest of situations.
As it got late we begun to just stroll round the streets aimlessly, we needed a place to spend the night and didn’t want to risk staying out again tonight. It’s freezing at night and Lillian had already caught a cold from spending the previous night. But with nowhere to go we end up back at the kiddie hang out.... I was exhausted, and my whole body was quivering. Lillian was keeping watch for Jake in addition to danger, I started to think about my bed back in the orphanage... Niana, Fatboy, and tom. At this point in time even the orphanage seemed like a nice and cosy familiar place. I was desperate to be back in known territory, this world was so strange and new to me. When I was at the home I was barely allowed outside, only on shipment days, I’ve never socialised with anyone outside the home, so Niana, tom, Jake and Lillian have been like my family to me. I started to think about my mother again then drifted off.......
“LET GO OF ME!!!, ELISAAA! ELISSAA HELLLPP ME! let go leave me alone! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

I was awakened by screams coming from what sounds like Lillian. I panned round the park from the kiddie hangout and couldn’t see her anywhere. I begun to panic, and jumped down the hangout without a second though. I began to run in the direction of the screaming. My heart was beating fast. It was cold out. The wind was fully blowing against me as if the universe was trying to speak to me again, telling me to stay away. There was no way I was going to leave her!
I found her safe and sound which a huge relief but was but she was squabbling with this strange person. He kept on trying to grab her, but lilian wasn’t having it and tried to wobble away from he’s clutches. I ran up to them yelling as high as I could

“Hey get away from her you monster!!”
The fury in my voice frightened him and he immediately let go of Lillian and stumbled back a few places.
“eh what... aww your just some dumb little brat.. You’re no cop!” he murmured. He was obviously a drunk
I ran up to Lillian who was bursting in tears, and hid her behind me.
“Hey come heriieeeee , you little punk!” he shouted in a sloppy voice. He suddenly caught me by surprise and tried to kiss me.

Lillian still crying ran up behind him, and started kicking and punching him from the back “Let her go you big smelly ape!”
I struggled in the darkness, I started to think that maybe I deserved this; this is my bad karma for escaping the home, maybe I was born to be a lose, maybe I’m supposed to be dirt, maybe that’s why my mum hasn’t come for me, maybe that’s why the beast said I was garbage. Then before I realised it within the struggle from this pervert i began to lose myself.....Everything was fading ... Lillian’s screaming began to fade out and then I fell ...and that was that

“Elisa wake up, Elisaa!.”
“Elisaaa, this isn’t funny please tell me you’re just sleeping!!”
“Elisa please wake up don’t die on me, don’t leave me alone!”
“Hey! Stop, she doesn’t look too good”
“Please help me!!! She’s all I have left!”
I awoke feeling heavily drugged; I could barely feel my body, it felt heavy as if someone had tied it to stone. My stomach hurt, and I had a killer headache. There was a strange figure standing in front of me, it was way too big to be Lillian or the other kids, and it was too thin to be the beast ....It wasn’t Jake either.... who the devil is this? I struggled to adjust my eyes to the clarity of the room. The figure grew and adjusted but I couldn’t see its face.

“ are you okay..... elisa?”the strange voice said from a very odd looking figure.
“mmmmmrrhh ... who are you, wh-where am I?” I mummred
“Its okay your safe and sound in my apartment” he said soothingly

Oh crap no! I still couldn’t open my eyes clearly and I wasn’t sure if I was in trouble or not. Then again this environment seemed soothing, I felt air conditioning, smelt waffles, my tootsies felt nice and cosy as if someone had wrapped it in a Christmas present. Then suddenly I snapped out of it, and everything came clear.
“ LIL where are you?! Where is she! “.. I realised I was in a room of some sort of an apartment, and this strange guy was just staring at me like I had gone mad.“Get away from me you crazy- assed pervert!!! “ She screams out of fright while still trying to look tough.
“woah woe- c-calmn down tiger I think you’re  getting the wrong idea here”

Out of nowhere I realised Lillian was right beside me and pranced out of nowhere in tears of joy shouting my name and jumps onto me and gives me a tight squeeze.”Don’t ever do that again Elisa you scared me , I though you had gone to the playground in heaven and left me down here!” she yelled in my ear in terrified voice. Her tears splashed on my face as she sobbed. I really felt guilty.
“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you , i would never leave you behind ever ill always be there to look out for you okay kiddo don’t ever get that thought in your head again” I started patting her on the head while her arms where still around me . She was still in tears but begun to stop making silly crying noises.
I suddenly remembered we were in a strange are with a stranger in the room who we don’t even know. We had completely forgotten and got lost in the moment. I turned to him, and he just stood there then shot a smile at me. I didn’t know this strange man but i couldn’t help but smile back.. just as long as i had Lillian by my side I was happy for a moment even with this natural person in the room.
“Who are you” I asked in a calm yet demanding tone.

“Well .... my name is Jerry but I’m sure you’re not interested in knowing that” he said snarky “I’m sure you’re more interested about what happened last night, Well truth be told I’m basically you’re hero” he winked then suddenly shot up in a weird pose. I suddenly felt a cold breeze flow down my spine; it gave me the case of the shivers. What a creepy odd guy I thought to myself.
After a brief awkward silence Lillian unexpectedly butted in.

“it’s true its true!!” she yelled shaking my arm. “he came out of nowhere like a white night, he got that guy away from us and brought us back to his apartment where we spent the night.”
” Elisa he’s real nice he gave me lots of noodles, and I got to nap in a nice and comfy bed , ohhh and guess what Elisa! He has a TV I got to watch!!” she mouthed all those words like lightning I barely got a chance to butt in and ask a question and my head started to spin. She suddenly stated bouncing on the sofa.

“Quit it Elisa its rude” I murmured awkwardly. I had realised this stranger wasn’t a threat but now i felt like a complete idiot, not that I had embarrassed myself.
“It’s fine, she’s just really excited” he replied “aha yeah she’s a real hyper one” I said awkwardly laughing.

“I would like to ask though not trying to invade you’re privacy or anything .... but why where you both out so late at night, it’s dangerous for two girls especially you’re age to be out at that hour, were where you’re parents?”

-        ____________________ -            *derp face

I started shifting bout uncomfortably on the couch trying to avoid eye contact with him. This safe environment suddenly began to shift and change before my eyes, I suddenly didn’t feel relaxed and I just wanted to get out of the situation. “Well emmm ... the thing is about that is”
I turned to Lillian. I wasn’t sure if he had asked her already about her circumstances, and I wasn’t sure if she had already told him and maybe trying to get a more detailed scoop for me. Then Lillian broke the silence

“We were looking for them!” she yelled surprising me.
“Excuse me?” he said puzzled
Lillian started to panic and spoke at a fast pace again but her speech went awry
“well you see we where looking for our dogs and our parents told us, to go look in the park”
“ in the middle in the night?” he questioned

“ yeah—emmm no well not exactly see well..... our dogs are night dogs like wolfs you see so they only come out of hiding at night, like I remember one time when I was outside during the day and it was turning night time the dog wasn’t there but once it hit 6pm the dog just appeared like it was invisible during the day, then the dogs ran and mommy and daddy said quick catch them before they turn into ware wolfs!”

I slapped myself on the head “ughhhh... Lillian you’re an awful liar “I murmured under my breath. She was definitely no Niana.
I quickly turned to Jerry to see his response. He just stared at her for a while, then quickly at me then back at her, then suddenly busted out laughing.
Phew what a relief I thought to myself.

“You’re one funny kid” then he turned to me and asked what really happened.
“Truth is we don’t, have anywhere to go we ran away from home, you see.... ”. I then told him our entire story right from our little family, to the two terrible meals a day. H e just stared at me emotionless, as if short of words.

“I’m flabbergasted!” And that was all he said. He then slowly got up to stare back out into the window again. I knew it was too true for it to be possible that someone would listen and believe our story. He was just like everyone else. To avoid any further awkwardness I quickly made my move.

“Thank you for helping us and you’re hospitality but I think we should go now, we need to go and look for our friend”. I said humbly while tugging Lillian by the arm
“ Elisa don’t be silly, how could I possibly hear what you’ve been through and let two innocents like you back out there, besides you guys look completely worn out , why not rest here for a few weeks then I could help you make further arrangements” he replied cheerful back.

I was shaken by his response never of all reactions that I came to a conclusion that this situation could turn out to will I ever think would be this one. He accepted us? He asked us to stay? Was he truly insane? He turned around to face us both and smiled.

“Don’t worry I’m not some loony, look see here is my ID card and everything” he said in a calm tone while bringing out his wallet
“Besides what kind of Looney lives in such a nice home” he said mocking in response to look on my face.

Damn he’s blasted smiles , he was just too damn nice to turn down, besides I need to think what’s best for Lillian , a few hours at night in a comfy bed being able to have a good decent amount of meals a day to eat, and a good shower would be very useful about now, we could stay here for just a few days enough for the police search to die down then we could get out of here before we are caught. I glanced at Lillian and she was looking at me as if to say “pweeaseee Elisa”.
“ oh alrite” I said enthusiastically
Lillian started screaming “yes yes yayyy oh thank you Elisa, I promise will be good this will be sooo awesome!!!”
Squeezed me and hugged Jerry and made a bee line for the television.
A few hours later I hoped into a sweet ass bath tub, I’ve never seen such a beautifully decorated bathroom, and oh wow this one had jets!. It was so refreshing to have my skin purified again; I hadn’t bathed in two nights now, so it was good to get the muck out.

 I just didn’t want to get out, I sat there daydreaming about what my life would be like if I had grown up here. I stayed in for so long I almost began to drift off and Elisa had to pull my hair to get me to snap out of it. I smacked her butt for peeping on me while i was in the tub; she’s always been a silly little inappropriate girl.

Jerry is a good cook too he made us something called ‘grilled cheese’ I had never had a ‘grilled’ before. I told that to jerry and he made fun of me i wonder why.....I missed food so much too, I just couldn’t bear the thought of living like a rabbit only eating fruit and vegetables, then I began to wonder how vegetarians did it.

While we were eating Lillian asked him lots of questions like ‘ how old are you’, ‘ have you ever been to space’, ‘ did your mommy buy you this house’. Gosh Lillian was already getting too nosey. Her questions surprised me it caused me to choke on my food while i was trying to get her to mind her own business.

Afterwards Jerry had decided to quickly go to the shops to buy us some ice cream; it was good to know that there were some good people in the world. So it was just Lillian and I sitting on the couch in front of the television. I know it seemed wrong for us to have so much problems o our plate yet , simply be sitting in front of a television in someone’s house , but the thing is while we were in the orphanage we weren’t allowed TV, only the beast and butt face where allowed to watch it.

 The only times I was able to watch TV was when they once in a while sent me with Jake to do the wine rounds when there was extra plantations. We would then stop at people’s houses and peer through the windows to see what the other families where watching. Just those few minutes in front of the window warmed my soul. That’s how I got the idea of wanting to become famous enough to get on television to then find my mum.

“Elisa “Lillian cooed while staring up at me from the television.
“You’re still going to try and find your mum right?” “I bet if we find he she could save the others too, I bet shell adopt me and then I can become you’re real sister Elisa!”
“Silly lily “I responded pulling her cheeks “We have always been sisters whether blood related or not, don’t you forget that”.

I was about to give her a hug when our gooey little moment was interrupted by a knock on the door. I run up to open It.
“Em hi, who are you” I asked plainly

“Oh isn’t Mr Jerry here, who are you, anyways I’m the cleaner I come here every day to clean up he’s apartment “she said erotically.
Before I could respond I suddenly found myself shoved behind the door, and she’s making her way for the kitchen. Leaving the sound of her trotting heels to evade the room behind her.

“Oh well ill just start cleaning up anyways” she says strolling off into the kitchen giving me a wicked smile. I huffed at her as she walked of then plonked myself back on the couch.

” Power poofer” I murmured “ For a employee she’s awfully rude”.

“ Emmm Elisa?” she questioned trying to get my attention while facing backwards on the couch.

“Yeah lil” I responded distracted by the pretty dancers on the television show

“What is that lady doing?”She asked innocently.

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