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Elisa Lucia -- Chapter 0 (The Pilot)

My namae is Elisa Lucia 17.... And so far my life sucks.

 I live in the city off Bridgeport, a livey town in the middle of everywhere. The city vibes of celebrities and supernatural beings. Right from vampires and fairies, to werewolf’s and genies. People know this town to be the home of the rich and famous , mega big spender town , the place for luxury. If you come from a small country town you could easily stop buy, run into a casino and earn big bucks.

 Most families live of their butlers and helpers. At night everyone flocks to the nightlife to party till the early dawn of the following day.
 However life isn’t perfect for everyone... or maybe I’m just unlucky; however I’m not the only one. Behind the mountains in the corner of a city is a small orphanage. This is where I ‘live’..... Yeah I think that what people call it, ‘home’.
It was barely a home we had newspapers for chairs and sticks n twigs for our source of television.

I live here with four other kids

Lillian jamakani is like the little sister I never had,  she’s an pure angel that one is,  although she’s much younger than me ageing at only 12 years old, she always follows in my footsteps. I am a great role model to her apparently. I do love the dear ever so much but sometimes I do believe I’m the reason why she gets in trouble. So when she’s around me I feel like that bad apple. Lillian is here because her parents died in a house fire... not a pretty story the only person that survived was her cat fluffy, which got struck by lightning a few years back. Ever since she’s been lonely as ever.

Jake pursey is a year older than me. He is the family rebel, he does what he wants when he wants, and gosh I really look up to him. I once had a crush on him but he told me that he doesn’t date family. I remember when we were younger we constantly fought a lot but it was mostly me trying to get his attention, I always tried to prove myself by stealing apples from other family gardens , damn I was so bad ass back then, but now I’m what he calls a goody two shoes. He promised me that one day he would get me out of this forsaken place. Nobody really knows jakes story he just simply told us he’s parents where dead to him.

Niana woods is a great master liar, she’s only 11 I’ve always told her she could become anything. A actor, psychic, politician? Anything! They are all great lying money makers , she’s so good at it she once convinced a lady in the supermarket that she was a child from the not so distant future, that came to warn her that she should donate to more adoption agencies , if not shell meet a terrible faith. The woman freaked out and handed her everything in her purse... we had a great picnic that day. Niana parents are the actual ones that are both still around however, she was abandoned here because she was an outside child born out of wedlock..... man people are crazy nowadays. They use to visit her , but it’s all stopped now , it stopped since she was  three.

10 year old Fatboy tom, as you can assume buy the name... he’s a damn big guy. Niana calls him the ‘gobble’ as  after the crappy meal we are given , although understandable goes around randomly pouring sugar on stuff to sweeten it up and then chew  on it, it’s because of him the stair case has dog bites all over it, alas no we aren’t allowed pets , Lillian’s was an exception. She told me once that he’s in here because he overheard our guardians say he ate his parents; of course I know that’s nonsense. Truth is he’s mother didn’t want him after she remarried, and chucked him on a bus heading out here.

We all camp squished together in one room like a bunch of sardines. Kids on the bunks and teens on the ‘floats’ we call them.

We aren’t allowed any toys or animals, they where all locked and taken away from us at some point or another. My friend cuddle bear is all i have left i hide him under the floor boards where they can’t get him; I bring him out at night to give him a tight hug before locking him up again. If they find him theyll lock him up or worse give him the chain saw.

What about education? Well you’re a funny lot aren’t you? WE DONT GO TO SCHOOL! Instead we are taught a few hours a day on how to grow strong fruits and vegetables to use for wine making. They then use it to make fruit wine and sell them for profit.

We eat only two meals a day and it’s mostly salad... poor Fatboy tom attempted to sneak some snacks from the grownups fridge once, but he ended up in the chair.

What’s the chair you ask? They have all kinds of stuff to punish us here the ‘whacker’, the ‘chest’ and the ‘chair’

The ‘whacker’ is a stage one punishment its really is self explanatory really, they grab it and give us thirty lashes if we disobey them at any point in the day.. And I aint talking about no glue in Barbie lashes either.

The ‘chess’ is a stage two punishment we have all had the stage two punishment at some point in our long depressing lives especially Jake and I , however this doesn’t apply to Niana she’s never gotten to that level she’s been close to there too many times , but I took her punishment on a double level to save her, It was mostly my fault, like I said she usually gets in trouble because of me. oh yeah so the chess basically contains lots of brutal items like raw wires used to tie us up for punishment, packs of fishing bait like worms and ants that they put in our food and force us to eat. I’m not sure about all its contents cuz they always switch em around allot. One day you may get in trouble and think you may get away with it by only getting hit with a chain than a chainsaw but they surprise us often and bring stuff down from all sorts of corners of the house that we didn’t expect.

The ‘chair’ OH DEAR LORD WE ALL HATE THE CHIAR!! Just saying us brings the chills to my bones. The chair is centred in a three by three tiny room near the roof caged by a three by three gate. They shove you in and tie you to an iron chair, you scream and shout and beg but no one saves you, no mercy is given. Then they lock you in there and open up the roof. Then ... you lie there in the sun for... the sun boils down on you , the chair heats up like hell fire, you skin begins to scab, peel and burn, you sweat and the liquid pours into your scars and it burns more, and you sit there in isolation for hours on end, sometimes days without food of human contact.... the chair is the orphanages trade mark of hell... i remember the first time I got the chair.. i was so young so innocent. I remember i stood up for Fatboy tom one day when he snuck in some fruit like berries, and apples to eat from the trees outside the orphanage they forced us to grow . i then got the chair . I stayed there...... I thought being rebellious will change things around the house .... i thought they would give in... I passed out and was thrown into my room, to the floor after five days, badly in need of medical attention, my little family nursed me back to health... and that was the end of it.


We live all together in one roof under terrible circumstances! No one knows and no one cares !Why well because people are too caught up in their own lives and happiness to care about ours. So who’s responsible for all this well ill answer that question
These two guys Cassey butt face, and Matt Lucia, they are both our so called ‘guardians’ and owners of the orphanage..... they call it orphanage I call it ‘the forced labour wine making house’.

You may or may not have noticed but one of these men has the same last name as I do. Yes that’s right that ‘beast’ is my farther.
A long time ago way before the orphanage was open my mother and the beast met and had a child ... yeah and that was me ... long story short the beasts hates children and never wanted any... not only that but unfortunately when it came to the separation my father won he got his family to gang up on my mum and take custody of me right after i was born and kicked my mum out. She was devastated and was forced to leave me, she had no income or family around so was left to roam the streets. She often tried to come for me but was beaten and thrown out, the beast’s family even hired hit men to go after my mother to eliminate her, and luckily she survived and escaped somehow to another city. Till today I have no idea what happened to her.

The beast never acknowledged me as i grew up, he never let me call him dad and often flogged me if I did, or did something minor wrong that an innocent child would. He says I’m the planets mistake and I shouldn’t bother living that every breath I take was a waste of contribution to society .He treats me the same as the other children here and never hesitates. You would think he’s a tough guy with a soft spot who would pity me more than casseybutt face but no.... he’s a cruel..... Cruel man. I don’t care I have had to learn the hard way that that thing isn’t who I want him to be and its best to see him as a nobody..
I boil with range just thinking about what that monster had done to my mother...... Hence ever since i was 10 i had made the decision that one day ill get out of this orphanage and find her! Im not stupid i know this world is huge its a bazillion to one.
I’ve decided that I’m going to peruse my dreams of becoming a famous star! That way that ill be on television and my mum might be watching and may spot me and realise it’s me! Then shell know where to find me! then she’ll come!

And guess what that day has finally come tonight Jake found a loop hole in the system. He found a way for us to escape, and we did however we could only take Niana. The two of us can’t look after all three of them, it just wouldn’t be possible bringing them along just wouldn’t be fair , plus they would slow us down. So instead we had made a plan to run to the nearest station and report what was going on ..., and save them! Then we would we would reunite again then we would be happy, then I could find my mum.... but it all went wrong.

Shortly after we had escaped they came running after us

We ran and ran and eventually Jake sacrificed himself for us and said we should all split up, and meet back in the same spot the next day.

So I ran and ran and ran, and I was free!
I spent the night on a park bench and although it was freezing out, and it was very uncomfortable, it was nothing compared to the conditions I had to live in previously. I was mega excited and could barely sleep. I couldn’t believe I had escaped a home i had been stuck in for the whole of my life, ; I couldn’t wait to see Niana and Jake tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to become famous and find my mum it was all too true to be real. I kept pinching myself over and over again.... yippy it’s real girlie!!
I remember once Niana woods once told me to use this magic ball, “it’s called a ‘magic eight ball’ you can ask it any question and till tell you the future she said”. I remember trembling as I asked this mystical ball the following question “will I ever become famous enough to find my mother” and it replied
“Hell yeah”.

But the next day I went to the location, I told Lillian to wait at a bench on the other side of the park just in case something goes wrong, she may be smart but she sure wouldn’t be fast enough to escape danger

..... But when I got there, there was no one around
I waited

And waited

And waited some more
But Jake didn’t show up

.... My name is Elisa Lucia.... and this is my legacy..... And so far my life sucks...big time!

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