Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sim life - what not to do at a sim party

Hi fluffy bums :)

Today as you know is tuesday so its time for another sim update yay  ^_^
so as you guys know if you follow my twitter page, and pervious simmy posts my sims due to the influence of weird friends has been constantly invited to the most random parties , and most have them have been boring those of you that have the own the sims games will know that nothing happens unless you make it happen. If not sims tend to just kind of stand about , they may interact and dance once in a while and rape your food from the kitchen counter every now and then but meh! nothing fun to compared to what ill do
so today ill like to show you guys what to do at a boring sim party :D enjoy

here we are on a random day at a random night in a random house for a random party!
guess what the theme is!
yes ! its a swim suit party!
you see this is something i dont just dont understand about this game!
people invivite you for a swim suit party..... hmm swimsuit party... if your having a swim suit party there should be a pool right?? WRONG!! this dorm house doesnt have a pool -__- yet the host is throwing a swim suit party
problem number 2. this is a party .... i just walked in... there are only two sims here talking.... no music.. no foood.... NOTHING!!!
yawwwwnnnn boring 
okk now you see the problem as i mentioned above so here comes crazy patricia time!

meanwhile outside omg look what i saw! a black justin bebeir woah! what a rare sighting and his fat
leeeol lol lol cmon guys you cant tell me that isnt amusing
i literally had to pause the game just to get a good look and laugh at this guy!
he literally stood outside there for like, more than half of the party.... ugh some sims are just so brained... just like nibbles...

back to crazy patricia time 
i decided to have some fun and make my sim run around naked (streak)
in the house.. ( mwahahahha thatll get those twos attention)
all they had been doing the entire 5 minutes i was standing there was awkwardly talking and flirting
so i decided to make it akward for them
( theyll never forget this night)
thanks to the sims 3 university back theres this weird new feature called streak... at first my sim was in public after class when i tried this and i thought it said steak ( the meat)
im sucha fail lol so yeah you could have imagined what happened tak about the awkward moment when you realise that nightmare you always have of you doing something important then finding out you naked coming to reality lol..

and guess what i was sucessful 
well i was expecting them to both stop talking and freak out but instead
the girl couldnt seem to resist the urge to look and checked out the nice view ;)
and smiled......okayy.... she either wants to join in
or shes a lesbian.... that was my queue to jet away from this area as quick as i can!

weeeeee' check out my fine ass 
its really funny because in this game when you do something naked related such as running about naked, or even swimming in public naked, the sims seem to really enjoy it
i gained a massive boost in patricias happy meter after this
what a hoe....

next stop was upstairs. i went into a room and saw some random old dude shirtless 
( clearly joinning in , in the swimming theme of the party)
holly shit ewww dude cover your tits
omg why arent they censored
why isnt hes hairy chest centred 
omg omg omg no
i couldnt stand it anymore so i instructed my sim to shout at him ( the heckle option)
im not sure exactly what she said but it seemes damn funny

the expression on his face was priceless
straight off it looks like she said something along the lines of
' hey did you buy those a-cups'
and he was all like with a straight face
with that face >>>  -__- <<<< with that face

lol so my sim continued to heckle at him for a while but
wow this guy got boring quick he didnt even move!
most of the time when you heckle at a sim they tend to get pissed off and come up to you with a bad thing to say
or even get in an arguement
damn it i was looking forward to some old man cane fighting action like in star wars but in wood form
but no he just stood there as stiff as a statue! he reminds me of those people in central london that stand in the middle of the town centre painted without moving.

there we go she finally found him boring . i told you sim partys are dead.

by this time i was super mega bored so i decided to do a sim classic and play a prank on the dorm residents by messing with their computer
so i set a trap on their computer

i wonder what kind of traps sims set up all i know is the end result is always funny i hope she set up something like this that could cause this reaction

nwahhaha best video ever! 

so after planting my little trap 
the party host warned my sim 
damn it he spotted my ninja activity!

looool then the funniest thing hapened i have no idea why but my sim started to make the most weirdest randomest faces XD bwhahahha cracks me up each time !

look at his reaction hes face was all like
oh hell no bitch 
just leave now
your too weird.

 i was kicked out of the party afterwards :(
this ment i didnt get to see  my ninja trap in action :(
but my wish shall stilll be fufilled even if i dont get to see it

on my way out

i saw that old guy

walking in the middle of the bush for absolutely no reason?
then he stood there and did nothing
now that i think about it
i wonder if hes a zombie or something
he never spoke to anyone through out the party but just stood there in the room and now the bushes....ZOMG
think about it he was probably waiting for some drunken idiot to walk into the room then rape her ;0
and now hes waiting in the bushes for another drunk idiot going home so he could jump on her!.... or him
im joking 

heres patricia going home after a dead day at that party
i hope that guy doesnt follow me *shudder*

cyndi out 
bye nibblieeess

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