Monday, 1 April 2013

My Little Bedroom Secrets

Hey chicken boobies
Another quick update ive uploaded my 4th video on youtube yay! :)
noooo i didnt upload this the day after i totally forgot to update the " how i failed highschool" video the day i uploaded it, i actually uploaded it three days ago and this one really early this morning i hope you enjoy this video its diffrent its more about getting to know me :)

--video caption--

hi guys woop finally getting the hand of this hopefully the quality is much better here 
 todays video is a little diffrent
its a bit more personal and about me :) i didnt want to do the typical 25 facts about me thing maybe ill do that as i grow this channel cuz i feel like its a bit vain however i feel like i should give you guys some info about me :)
so here we are me wanting to get to know you guys a bit better and you getting to know me too please make your video responses so i can get to know you guys too :)
thatll be nice woop woop
this video was inspired by zeollas first video 60 things in my room
hope you guys enjoy it :)

get to know me;

cyndi muffin out xoxoxoxo

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