Monday, 1 April 2013

cookie oreos

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Holly molly 
guess what oreo monsters
today i found out the best combination of food, i discovreed this while searching my mums baking book the other day! it looks soo naughty and delcious for those of you that love oreos and cake ull love this :)

cookie / cake oreos frikin delicious as i am writting this blog post im literally jumping as im typeing this my mum has gone to get the ingridents for me to start making this and my brothers are going nuts just craving this delcious goodness!
ill post the pictures of how it turned out after ive made this plus the ingredients i hope ive given u guys a great idea for a yummy treat this easter :)
happy munching <3

few questions for u guys
did you do a april foold prank i kne it was april but i totally forgot about it being april fools which sucks lol i totally planned a lot of stuff to go down today but i woke up at like 2pm after being up till the early hours of the morning lol :)
please comment and rate guys
love u all uve made this sooo much fun to do on a daily basis :)

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