Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cartoon ME :)

hey green peas :)

just a quick update nothing too awsome today as ive been super busy
but check out what i made

lol ok i know its not perfect and it does look a bit rediculous 
it supposed to be a cartoon version of me!
mwahah what a fail
but hey! i tried and this is from someone who failed GCSE art

As you guys know i used to love art , i use to draw comic books and make up cartoon drawings in my scrap books or whenever i got bored in a lesson...
so when i reached high school years i thought hey! im some what good at drawing lemmie 
give that a go!
yupp so i enrolled for GCSE art and yhh..... it killed my dream
lets just say that ever since i finished GCSE art i have never drawn, made a comic book or any other cartoon strip again!

And here lies my artistic dream
i will explain more in detail in my videos :) if you guys are intresed in hearing more
just say so in the comments that way ill know what ull want to hear and what you dont afterall its all about you guys :)
im here for your entertainment

also if there are any good artisitc people out there
( i hate you)
ill love to get some tips of you guys
( ill smash your arm bones)
ill be very grateful
( ill feed the bones to my dog)
or any of you that is experienced in computer animation
( and put the remaining meat in a hot dog bread)
you guys will be of great help too
( then feed it to my dog >:) )


bye computer geniuses

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