Sunday, 31 March 2013

youtube update

hey guys
another shortie quick update today guess what
ive uploaded another video please check it out

hi guys have you always wanted to know the secret into passing your high school exams well guess what today i have found the answer
in order to do this you must kill you other evil half this will mean having to go all out on your self you must must destroy the inner demond!! lol now i sound like some kind of right wing politician demond dude ahhhh ths is so wrong well im such a big fail at explaing how not to fail maybe you should just check out the video in stead.
this is my second video extreamly sorry for looking orange in half my video its really sd because i thought i had finally got the hang of my camera .. well the thing is that i promised to post every week so i was going to wait to film in day light but that would mean having to wait till the evening before editing the whole thing soooo nope i wasnt having it i decided to record the me talking part at night.... with a yellow light bulb soooo yeahhh sorry about looking like a black yellow simpson but please enjoy the video xoxoxo

p.s i didnt really fail my exams well.. not all of em xd 
aha i jk i jk its just here for your entertainment :)

please answer the questions in the vid in the comments section before ill love to get to know you guys more...
also thank you all so much for the support so far as of today i have 30 youtube subscribers i am so happy thank u all sooooo muchhhh xooxox
my friend told me how it took her 6 months just to get 12 subscribers and ive only been on here for a week
i actually feel like im doing something right :)

peace out <3 cyndi :)

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