Monday, 25 March 2013

What happened to nibble chronicles

hi cuus! <3

Just a quick update nothing biggyyy  today , I got a few emails asking what happened to nibble chronicles well....
heres why :D

Nibbles still needs to recover from his ermm... "tragic injury"

Its up to you guys to decide wether i should continue blogging his adventures .. didnt get much of a feedback from the last one , and realised the sim posts get more attention so 
its all up to you guys :)

have a sun-tastical day :)


  1. Aww so cute!!
    S xx

    1. im already a member at your blog :)
      nice work !;p

  2. i honestly do prefer the sim stories but i think becuause ur first nibble story was so short please do a few more tho im tierd of reading random fashion blogs thats what makes your so funny and unqiue

    1. awwwww :) thank you
      i proise i will but they will be much shorter than the sim series less regular too but ill post them :)