Saturday, 30 March 2013

the akward shopping day clothing ( hual)

hi cross dressers :)

as i mentioned back a while ago after my "the akward shopping spree" blog post
i promised i was going to post a written version of my hual, for those of you that dont follow my web videos :) ( check out my beauty channel for those of you that havent seen it yet )
so here goes marshies :)

my goal during this shopping spree was to get a few winter outfits
but cyndi why get winter outwits when spring is coming within a month?
well my lovlies its very simple
you see for thoseof you that actually know me i have quiet a big wordrope of clothing
im much more of a clothing person than anything else
the problem is most of my wordrope was summer stuff
silly i know
especially when your in the uk like me where 70 percent of the year is cold or slightly too chilly to go out without a jumper, another reason is because ill be going to university this year so i knew that meant no more extra pocket money from

*posh voice*
and farther 
*posh voice over lol *

so i knew this was the last time for me to take advanyage of the extra money 
besides i dont want to be the girl wearing lots of summer outfits under my winter coat for the sake of staying warm

sheesshh girls gotta stay stylish no matter what ;)

so i decided that i must must must! get some winter outfits no matter what! this was a good opportunity as a lot of the winter stuff was on sale , i also grabbed some springy/summer stuff too for the 2013 trend :)

1st top: i loved the overall look its kinda formal yet casual, in spring itll look cute on its on and in winter badass with a leather jacket? how could i resist
2nd top: ive been seing a lot of girls with cute jumpers or shall i say cardigans if your so firm and british lol. i always have wanted to find one that would suit my personality and look, so i found one! yay i wanted a colour that will make me tand out in winter ( i mean cmon who wears white in the winter) then again something thatll look bright and radiant in the summer ahhhh the sunlight amazing!
3rd image well its a lovely patterned dress and its not too long either i dont like super long dresses this dress was pefect in every way for me. it even had that weird elastic material in the middle so it clings to our waste and doesnt make you look like a fat sack of potatoe!
4th item something cool that i can wear with shorts in summer with a long shoulder bag and something cool i can wear in the winter with coloured jeans and a cute winter scarf.

cute suff to wear in summer spring time . casual, chick for out and about and just chilling at home basically comfort clothing for the heat.

the 1st image again i chose beacuse its flexible can be worn in the winter with a top underneath due to being long sleved , or worn with a thin vest/linning underneath in the summer. i just love love the colour lol whats with me and white seriously?
2nd picture something radiant and bright for summer again would be cute with a black circle skirt, or a bright floral skirt with amazing patterns.
3rd top ok guys u have to tell me about this one, a lot recently ive seen people with this mostuache on glasses, chains, bangles, sunglasses and tops .
but i have no idea where this damn thing came from .. is it from singer fan trend, or something as random as the gangman style masks ive been seing about.. anyyy whooo i got it because of that lol
oh yeahh follow the trend :)
aha kidding i really do like it tho due to flexibility.

a cute acessory for summer
lets face it 
it sucks wearing bangles in the winter they get all tight and annoying under your coat arm 
and its difficult to take your coat on and off.
i still wear earrings and necklaces tho.. only big ones because i tend to wear big scarfes in the winter 
to keep protected by the warmth.

more spring stuff 
ive noticed the spring trend this year is baby colours 
ive also noticed that mint is a new thing too
mint jeans , tops anything hence the reason why i got the baby mint earings
arent they cute :)

below are some awsome clothing ideas that have inspired me to get more colour into my wordrope

i currently have around 7 coloured jeans in my wordrope but damn it i need to get more XD
the ultimate goal is to get colors like the image above
woah! thall be amazing dark and harsh for wintter
cute and bright for summer!
ok enough of me

what new outfits have you guys gotten for this season
do you have any inspirations
do you have any outfit trends youll like to join with the rest of us
then join us in the live facebook chat page :)

bye my summer dancey pransies

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