Wednesday, 6 March 2013

story telling introduced :)

Heyyy snuggies!

wait a minute snuggies ?
isnt that the name of a sexi baby diaper company? hmmm not sure...

any whooo today i wanted to talk about the extra feature im introducing to my blog
its awsome you guys!!
well... it depends if your as childish as i am then im sure youll love it <3

..... ;p
...... >:)
....... bwahahaha
..... mwahahhaa

"cyndi imma beat you blue , and chuck you in sirilanka if you dont stop that!"
okay okay!! shesh old man!
because of that old geezer i dont get to give my fantastic introduction!!
" you dont even have a fantastic introduction!!"
nu-huh i do so!
" go on then!"
"and why not "
cuz its not cool anymore
nieaw im not going to do it anineyy more you totally killed it nibbles!
"  of all the people in the world i endded up in your hands -____-"

introduceing Nibble chronicles!
* dramatic gay music*

"oh how embrassing"
what now dude?
" why did you use this picture i look fat"!?

moving on and totally ignoring that one!

its going to be about Nibble's and friends random adventures around the house 
ill be blogging about it at least once a week maybe twice  if it gets popular :)
along my other daily blogs

written and directed by the myself and the S.

the series is going to be featured only on this blog and not my v account
so if you guys are intrested in the series remember to follow :)

" yay im gonna be a star"
sureeeee but ull be getting raped, poisoned, and killed a lot!
" wait... WHAT?!"

byee pumpkings  xx

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