Monday, 11 March 2013

some naughty pumpink raped my twitter account!

hi cocos beans

this is just going to be a short update , im really upset today, i found out a few hours ago that someone had hacked my twitter account :(

I dont know who you are, and why you did it but ill forgive you for the sake of decency!
for those of you that know me for real life they would know how bannanas i went
i literally grabbed my phone and called evey single person that was close enough to me on my contacts list!

then again i guess its my fualt a lot of people know my password and i use the same password almost everywhere

so those of you guys that know me for real and are reading this ive got my eyes on you!
ive given up and given you that twitter account ive moved on now :p

for my lovely loyal marshmellows ive made a new one :)

the account name is CyndiNibbles
this time with capital C AND N

thanks you guys :)
and i promise to follow back 
wow this has been my shortest post ever since my intro :0
peace out :p


  1. hey your account is suspended!!! :0

  2. follow me pleaseeeee

  3. @ matthew i know ive contacted them but it seems it will take a while for them to get back to me i think it might be gone for good *sad face*
    @jj i promise to do so when i get my account tunning again :)