Tuesday, 5 March 2013

so hows it going cyndi?

Today has been literally crazy I ran all over the place today 
OMG dont you just hate it when you have sooooooo i literally mean so so sooooo much to do on a perticular day, that you actually grab your phone the night before then death stare it 
all like 0.o
listen buddy !! and you listen damn good
ttomorrow i have a lot of crap to do !
so i need you to co-operate with me
I dont like u and u dont like me !
(bwahah i always abuse my phone I literally chuck it to the other side of the room every morning especially on college days)
so as i was saying you dont like me!
so if you want me to keep filling you up with ur little nasty elctro juices that keeps you running you had better
wake me up tomorrow......

or ill keep touching your screen like theres no tomorrow ( u guys trust me phones hate that, just think about it, its cold your hands are cold and your phone has been keeping warm due to it being under your pillow/floor/ being charged over night or even in your undies! hey i dont know where you guys keep you phones lol trust me ive heard of weird things, such as people hideing their phones in their smelly socks they wore earlier on in the day to keep evil siblings at bay. :D

so continueing to what i said before XD 
.... why do i always end up going off topic
" because ur a scater brain"
wow ungrateful little thing .. this is what i get for looking after you for 12 years huh? just so you guys know ive had that annoying creature for a very long time.. 
well thats a story for another day getting back to the topic at hand now

......and when i mean wake me up i dont mean that when  6am rolls around you play some horrible ringtone as if someone had grabbed a hammer and started hacking away at car.
 ( you know that horrible sound that the iphone has as a defult alarm tone ughghghghg terrible!!!)
lol anyways to cut the story short I woke u at 11am  -_____-
I saw Nibbles on the other side of my room stareing at me he obviously i know he cant talk
but i understand what that look is saying to me
" you fool!"- enough said

I was supposed to go to a friends house so we can start recording for our new up coming chanel sadly that didnt go down..

why didnt i just go and what about the phone alarm?

dont laugh 
i left the damn head phones in the phone!!! omg that was sooo stupid u see i always listen to music before going to bed so i fell asleep with them in ........and alas it happened the alarm went off but the sound only played through my headphones ...............

Even though i woke up at 11 i didnt actually get out of bed till 12...... *sob sob*
yes i know!!! i couldnt help it i was just depressed and stayed in bed listening to music hoping she wouldnt be pissed lol

so this is how the rest of my day basically went
makes decision to go shower
ends up checking facebook 
makes decision to at least get out of bed
ends up talking on whatsapp
makes decision to at least recharge my phone 
end up lying down upside down from corner of my bed as the phone had died and couldnt find the charger
yhhhhh... very sad you guys
i didnt actually eat and shower until like 2 hours later! 

( hey dont judge me u know u guys have done it too :p i bet some of you wouldnt bother heyyyy dont hide it ive been on public transport enough times early in the morning and late at night to know aha just keeping it real <3

so by that time i had to make lunch for the brothers 
fri-kin-fantastic thats more than half the day gone and i knew here was no way we could do the recording anymore as we had to buy some props first 

we shall attempt this again on saturday :( 
ugh fail face lol

XD props am i the only the one that thinks that sounds wrong
ok guysss
say it 
ok now say it slowly

bwahahaahhaha seee i told you ! :p

lol so tell me have you guys
cuzzzzz its alllll abouttttt uuuu!!!
have you had lots of things to do on a perticular day and end up slacking
what do you end up actually doing?

hmmm this has given me a new idea!! 

see you guys next time boogie babies
byeeeeee xx

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