Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sim life update! - anorexic party sims

hey chicken gobblers :)

a lot of you have been asking what ive been up to every since i got the sims university expansion pack not long ago

well today i thought ill update you guys about my sim life!
so as you guys from my last sim post and my news on twitter ive my sim is currently in unveristy doing a fine arts degree and ive demonstrated the horrible truma of being a student/fellow dorm mate. heres whats gone down since my last update :)

my sim had decided to hangout with two of her dorm mates .. yes thats right includeing miss smelly 

wow what a wonderful day to ride your bike in the rain, i always wondred why people ride bikes in the rain i mean cmon cant you at least attach an umbrella to it or something or wear some kind of coat its not exactly rocket since that ull end up in bed frozen solid!

yay here is the cafe that a lot of the "rebelious " sims go too..  or so the games says . in the cafe decription it talks about how rebels loe to have cofee here.... wow how rebelious! im gonna be so rebelious im going to actually buy food+coffee, take that ! mwaha im the boss of the bad asses ohhh yeah!

hey you two get over here and check out the delicousness! woah it looks all so yummy i cant wait to try each one!! the girl in the hat comes over and buys a pie, whileas the smelly one stays in the corner and cries about being hungry... you idiot come over here and eat...." i dont know why my stomch is grownling like that" "emm yiur hungry???"

i bought a doughnut cuz thats how i role! hey wait a minute you call that a doughnut? thats terrible ! wheres the colourful iceing. the bright decorations, the one thousand and one dancing spices, where the unicorns and rainbows , talk about a crappy pasterer! and this is supposed to be the best place  on campus yucky!!

yum yum uom uom mon mon! so check this out guys like i was saying in my pervious post sims in university are complete wack jobs, here i am enjoying this weird looking but disturbingly tasteful dougnut then all i see from the corner of the building while checking out the environment of the cafe is this ..weirdo!

just standing there.....
in the rain...
looking into the building..... staring into space WTH !!
omg im sooo out of here hes probably some kind of food pervert a sicko that gets soome kind of kick wathing other people eat pastery..

so later on after chilling out with those two in the cafe i found !! oh guess what!! oh yes darlings a freaking ice cream truck!! ive seen it so many times in the other sim expansions but this is the first time ive seen it in the university expansion pack!! so i couldnt resist getting a treat! lol my sim wanted to order a lama but cmon not every ice cream truck would be awesome enough to stock live llamas for a £1 per lick mmmm.... llama licks

ugh after ordering the ice cream miss smelly girl showed up and gave my sims the "that on earth is she doing stare! ahe was walking somewhere then suddenly stopped when she saw my sim. to be honest of i saw my friend standing in the middle of the street making weird mmmmm..... noises ill stop and stre in confusion  myse lf XD..... oh lord you guys look she still smells its more than half day and she stilll hasnt showered... shes in the middle of the road tooo! i hope the ice cream truck reverses and hits her into outer space ! i hope her skirt and undies fly off when she gets hit! you know how in real life when people get hit by cars and they fly and hit the ground.. but in cartoons they fly and their clothes come off!! omg i tottally want to see that happen XD dont judge me :p its the media peopel!

mmmmmmmmmmmmm............mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... check out my cute bunny ice cream ^___^ i want one! i want one 4 real doesnt it make you want one too? i bet its yummy staw berry flavoured.

later on my sims got  a call from a friend of hers calling her to come over for a party! yay sim party.... then again trust me you guys sim partys are usually boring its up to you the player to make it fun! ill demonstarte this in my next sim update on what i mean

heres the owner of the party shes a level 6 rebel sim, that explains the purple hair ( their trademark colour)
at least she knows how to keep good hygene! sshes pretty nice my sim always gets texts and party invites from her....but damn shes crazy she has a party like every sim day!
 heres my sim performing a keg dare with a friend... wow i just realised how that pitcture looks wrong in many ways lol
 anyways after a while a strange dude appeared at the party.. he reminded me of elvis lol i mean who shows up at a student party with shades and a disco suit.. and ooo it looks like he had plans intended by the look of that thought bubble!
so i decided that ill have some fun with him XD

i decided to dare this sim to randomly go up to mr elvis shines-a-lot or should i call him
the psy of gangnam style look alike , and get into a random fight with him! mwahahah i thought this would be fun to watch finnaly this party will start to become entertaining.
by the way can you guys see that girl in the backround .. ugh shes hungry too seriously whats with these sims starving themselves to the point of death.. she appears to be a vampire sim tooo argh!

 so as i was saying i dared him to get into a fight with elvis psy and look at what happened
what a moron!
he ran home like a headless chicken claiming he was going home because he was hungry.. nahh more like youve gone home to drink more tap water and nibble on some scumpcious healthy non fattening ice cubes!

I swore the next time my sim is to see that guy that she would toss him in the dumpster!
speaking of dares my sim got a rebel dare to jump into the dumpster herself!
at first i thought hell no! no way missy! im not going to end up joining the stinky piggy club! but then again i do need to level up my sims rebelious skills and unlock more goodies so i thought eh .. what the hey!

approaching the dustbin!
opening the dustbin... oh gosh i couldnt bare to look! can you guys imagine the smell of that thing! not to talk about the stuff inside! used diapers poop, nasty moldey food, poop, vomit, poop, old man pooped underware, more poop! ick ick ick just thinking about it just makes me wanna blechhhhhh!!

when my sim had turned her back and entred into the dustbin this, terrible girl decides to leave! shes the one that gave the dare! and shes just left! oh yeah talk about a totally killing my sims ego1 what was the point of being dared and the person that dares you just wondres off like " oh ive seen the best part already i know whats going to happen next shes going to come out all smellly with poo in her mouth, im just going to go home and dance in my underware now"!
so basically this girl F's off and just leaves!!! mid way dare ugh shes definately going on m revenge list.. maybe ill volunteerly become a vamire and suck her dry!!! omg that sounded wrong i ment her blood1 her blood! ewwww imagine sucking out the period blood.... do vampires like period blood?

later on after having a long deserved shower at the party hosts house my sim decided to make her way home!
i was admiring the view my self BAM! UNTIL THE TERROR CAME!

the combination of being walking about in the freezing cold and rain with a summer dress+ drunk+ too much junk food throughout the day+upside down+ being in a dumpster= perfect recipie to sickness
my sims ended up literally jumping of her bike in a sudden hualt and running into a nearby alley way to throw up! i was suprised myself as i had forgoten to watch my sims moodlet bar for any incoming warnings.... oh dear.... well at least she still doesnt smell :D

wow what an amzing fun day * sarcastic face*
now im very sure this is what i want to do in life
i really hope that i can become a drunken bitch too :)

hey guys so thats my sim update so far!
what have you guys gotten up to?'
have you ever dved in a dumpster before
if you could be a supernatural sim which one would you choose to be and why
do you think vampires suck period blood?

see you guys next time 
have an amaziiinggg day 


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  3. ill email them to you guys :)