Thursday, 28 March 2013

sim life-my best friend is an evil piggy lesbian

hey all

wow its been ages since ive spoken to you guys directly
today is another sim update :)
a lot of you left comments about bitchy house mates and rivalry within the sim household
so today im going to show you what exactly happned between my sim and her smelly room mate and friend- and why i now officially hate her!
well i hated her before but in a joking way now im seriously serious!
well in this game you do have the ability to kick out your house mates but cmon guys why do that theres much more better intresting options
so guess what i did
oh yes thats right i got revenge! trust me guys this is hours of entertainment in your hands! why jut kick them out in seconds when you can torture them for hours upon hours!

so heres what happned/and what i did >:)

one lardyy-da-i-dadi-da morning my sim was up and ready, for the daily rush!
so i made her head into the kitchen to grab some cereal for breakfast.

people notice the green smelly smog from the other room! *rolls eyes* here we go again with these damnned house mates! they couldnt keep the house clean if it was for their life.

they have sterted again! i hate my house mates well i hate their sense of hygene shesh man!
so my sim walks in the dinning room with a bowl of cereal in her hand, only to discover that the only way she could actually sit down and eat there is 1. shes an alien and doesnt need to breath ( that way wouldnt need to smell that toxic waste coming rom decayed food left on the table!)
2. shes actually some kind of pig mutant and can live in a dirty environment , doesnt mind the smell, and in fact eat the moldey food. 

not able to bare this nasty sight she put her cereal on the table, in disgust and decides to go eat at the cafe'. but on the way out i noticed two other house mate sims flirting with each other... and im thinking dude this place smells like the pit of a monsters arse and you guys are in here flirting like u cant smell shit???
at that moment in time smelly girl walks in and omgggg guess what people !! yes she finally had a damn shower! she probably had one after she realised that anytime she went into class the other hundred students would run out covering their noses saying someone had thrown a stink bomb in the room!
dilema number 2 hasnt been solved yet tho! some stupid sims are still walking around hungry... there are two levels of hunger in this game 1.. when the hunger bubble is blue it means your sim is hungry/pekish and would need to eat soon but the red one on the other hand means they are very very hungry and need to eat . actually there is a third stage this is when u dont eat for soooo long that the whole bubble plus the guy is red .. this means you only have around... i think it was an hour or so to feed your sim before they actually collapse on the ground and die! miss hat over there is in the stage before final warning.

so anyway miss smelly gets envious of the flirting and wants to grab all the attention for herself and decideds to butt into their flirting! then starts talking about jewelry emm helo ? miss attention seeker would you butt into a random couple wedding when they are about to kiss each other  and ask the bride where she got her dress from? woah some sims ubeliveable really!

by this time i had, had enough of this drama and asked everyone else in the room to help manage the dorm ! i asked the guy to cook, and told the other girl to have my cereal! while i had a word with miss smelly! well i actually asked her to help me clean up all the mess that the other house mates had made. HA!
she totoally refused and got offended by the idea of her raising a finger to help clean up.
shes such a lady ga ga

at this time the other sims had realsied what wa going on ! i love the way they both decided to stay wayyy out of it and do what they where told. one went into the kitchen to cook " ok just walk away and dont look back" and miss hat decided to eat the cereal i put on the table earlier 2 ok no matter what dont look up and get involved no hat dont look up just stare at those cheerios in the bowl and pretend you concentrating on  the food" . I accused miss smelly of being evil and very curel and she too argued back which led to the two sims looseing frinedship points ( after all they are best friends and roomies)

eventually the arguement ended and i and miss hat was left to clean up the room our selves! the nerve of that girl! i swore revenge ( i know ive sworn revenge a lot recently but trust me guys i meant business this time)
ick check it out a super close up of the stench we are dealing with and look flies! flies have started to come and party!

my sim loaded all the dishes in the dish washer while extreamly pissed off!
( see the blue hunger bubble guy , thats stage one hunger fro those of you that dont play the sims)

wow this guys a good cook! lol i made my sim stand beside him while cooking giving him the akward look " if you burn, mess up or run away from cooking this meal il murder you and shove that butter up  your butt whole! ahhhh i wish sims could speak violently, but thats what i wish she said!

later on my sim decided to go look for the other fine arts sim thats in her class too, to see if they ould have a study group together.... oh gosh only to find this sinful abominational act taking place! you see miss smelly ( the one in the black undies) is actually my room mate but i guess because of the fight she had moved into share rooms with the other girl. but thats not the point the fact is they where *doing ahem ahem* in the bed
i didnt screenshot it as i missed the opportunity ( but for those of you that play you know what it looks like *sick face)
the worse is that the other girl was stinking and ... and ... they both did it ..... ewwwwwwww
talk about pig sex
ick ick ick nastyyyyy

I was so disgusted , that i had my sim run out from that disturbing scene like crazy

a few hours later , two hours before class the other smelly girl had come out of the room ick just knowing what they had done in that room bought a disgusted look to my sims face.

then all of a sudden mr vampire just comes out of frikin no where and starts laughing at my sim FOR NO APARENT REASON! i mean what on earth is so funny?... hmm maybe he knows about the distrubing incident from earlier.... how embrassing

i had, had enough

I had decided to get revenge on smelly girl and her vampire boyfrined

so i snuck into her new room when no one was looking luckily no one was around the guy was eating in the dinning room and then well miss smelly was taking a shower in the bathroom ( washing off the piggy muddy sex smell i asume! i can garantee no water in the world can wash away the nasty act you had comitted back there!)

I had packed all the rubbish from earlier and put it into miss smellys room!
bitch that we teach you how to clean up after yourself
afterall your a pig so im sure ull love the new decorations ive placed in your room
just roll in  it baby just roll! 

I had also scribbled and ruined her painting :p

later on the devil herself walked into the room, and guess what she was shocked at the sight >:)
patricia 1 smelly girl 0

she stood there speechless with her back turned

my sim started to do a happy dance , to the playing music in the room 
whos ur bwas now! thatll teach you not to mess with moi!

after that i had to run to class

miss smelly on the other hand decided to skip class and stay home to rest, so she went into another house members room and slept there.( too tierd from all that piggy action XD )

miss smelly asleep

trust me guess the torture doesnt end there i have many more tricks up my sleve but for today illl let her be! let all that stench of my victory get into her head first
and today!!!! a rivary has been born!

so guys tell me do you have a rival sim
whats the worst youve done to another sim
have you also witnessed same sex flirt in your game without you making it happen

smell you lovlies next time

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  1. loooool loved this cyndi :)
    my sim has the same problem with her housemates in the uni life pack
    i ended up icking them all out im now the only one that lives in the biilding xd like a bwas