Thursday, 7 March 2013

Nibble chronicles: Why skate bording is a stupid idea

hey mandems :)
today is the first listing of the Nibble chronicles although short as its the first one and we are still experimenting with ideas please enjoy- nibbles#

skatebording gone wrong...........

ok lets go back in time to before this actually happened
once apon...apon..upon  ( lol seriously why does upon sound like apon! if i could count the times that ive misspelled that word i welll.. it would be a lot of times XD)

the rebelious Nibbles was teaching his friends how to skate board sadly it ended up tragically 
as you can see above in the wonderful picture
skate bording is the best thing you can do as a hobby especially if you want beautiful scars or pure rose blood across your body, see how full of life he is, see how amazingly well his face has smashed into the floor creating a beautiful master piece on the ground! 
not even the famous artist of the molo lisa could top off that beauty. how astonishing 

what grace! what magnificence! what stupidity 

nibbles was teaching his friends mr happy face and donkey kong how to skate
you see Nibbles is a total show off and claims to be a dare devil.. in fact once he jumped off sucide closet hill
yupp total duche :) *nods head*

so today Nibbles said he was going to attempt sliding st. ps3 hill
everyone thought he was crazy! no one had survived going down st.ps3 hill and even if you did you could kiss your soft fluffy life good bye as youll meet your doom at the end of the hill 4 sure!!

and guess how it went

here is nibbles showing off

here he is rolling the skateboard down the hill

bwhahahhah and heres Nibbles after coming down the hill sliding snapping his leg joints and face

and thats how we ended uup here :)

in order to rescue this sorry ass hamster mr happy face and donkey kong end up having to take him away 
wow what a worthless exsistance you have nibbles p

"hey i dont like this story this is totally not what i want to be known for!"
hushhhh your going to be displayed how i want you to be >:)
" no way i refuse im not doing it!! i dont want to die"
then its over
" aww cmon at least let me live"
fine but well make you facially disabbled XD

" omg anything but that! anything but my face and beautiful fur"

ok lets edit the story
"thank you!"
 ..... not really! shhhhh >:)
donkey kong begins to take nibbles away in a strecher to hospital whileas happy just stands there looking like a bwas. you see happy is the opposite of his name to be honest he isnt very happy, his actually quiet grumpy! so he refuses to help !

 ewww nibbles your butt smells flip back over!!

"ugh fine as long as i ive!"

then all of a sudden a big boulder comes down and kills them all!!


"u liarrrrrr!!!! i hate you noooo stop it !!!!"

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