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My iphone cover can be a real life sized teddy bear!?

hi 3D people!

oooo LA LA its  mostly picture blog today :)

ill be posting this post really early in the morning because im a crack addict
and couldnt sleep last night
just jokeing
i wrote it the night before and decided for you earlier readers that i always get notifications from in the morning might like this one ... well if you have an iphone that is
as this post is for iphone users! yay
sorry non iphone users i still love you , this post can also apply to you guys but if your intrested in it youll have to do this for your own phone model :)

well you guys know how everyone loves to create their own personal style, personal taste and ways they do things , this is applied everywhere from bedroom decor, cars and even college notebooks
well today i just discovred something amazingly new

iphone 3D cases!!
oh yes!

well ive always seen normal phone cases with patterns and designs but recently ive discovred that there is a group of people that actually make 3D cases . these cases make things come out of the case
u guys will understand what i mean when you look at the pictures below
dudes its just fantastic!

here is a hello kitty case its so adorable but its unique because from the front of the phone you can also see the bow and ears , even if your phone is flat on the surface!
imagine it this way most of your friends would have normal cases right? ones with glitter, skulls, or even dicks... hey i dont know the comany you keep?! 
but dont worry we dont judge people here on the nibble blog :)
we cheerish everyone
even cats ( i hate you damn cats for trying to take over the world and internet)
any whoo....  yes so imagine this
youll have a cute amazing looking case thatll be the envy of your friends :p

it all started when i was on the bus one day coming back from college 
and my friend and i noticed a guy with an white iphone with little blue wings sticking out of his case. immediately i saw it i went hey wire , i couldnt stop looking at it!
it was so cute and different! i wanted one *sobs*
my friend on the other hand picked out theat this was an older guy in his 40s and he had a penguin case
she said it was a disgrace... lol i thought it true too but then again i said to her
hey! if your boyfriend had that case wouldnt you think it was cute?
nope she didnt have it she said shell brun it ! and maybe slap his head
woah scary girl
i thought on the other hand itll be adorable ...
then again cute is against mascunility

heres one with wings aww how angelic .. you can even hold it in within your fingers like a ring kinda cool huh?

see the middle picture thats how i saw it in that guys hands
its so cute
but honestly speaking 
i think casses look much better on a white iphone 
i mean the white iphone is so bright and attractive 
( sorry iphone im not being racist... hey im black too yknow !
well not as black as u lmao!)
woah how scary thatll be!

cute iphone hard cover case

more teddy casses
im sorry guys
i just realised this post isnt exactly male friendly lol
ill make it up somehow.... maybe ill end a picture of some underware at the end
 im JK JK LOL!

heres a nice one diffrent from the others it actually has
a furry attachment key ring at the bottom of the iphone as a tail
i was going to get this one but heard the ears fall of easily especially if your a female and stuff your phone in your bag a lot
ahahah ull end up with a one ear animal how creepy
imagine waking up and seing that at night 

panda! FTW!

omg here guys is the ultimate cutesy iphone cover!
its a teddy/ iphone case all in one
i soooooo wanted to get this one its adorable ! i mean cmon its so cute 
its the best of both worlds you can take it anywhere and look  pretty
and cry with it in your work place bathroom when sad :)
i absolutley love this cover 
its so japan fan girl like lol
i was going to get this one but yeah found out it was only available in china and would take a week to deliver 
( im very impatient.. ill probably get it when im more patient)
then again i think there are some down sides to this
lol if you guys look at the picture this thing is kinda big.. how akward would that be pulling your phone out in public to answer yout phone and others see you speaking to your teddy bear.. 
yeah theyll think your bonkers 
here are some other problems
ull never be able to fit it into yout pocket
youll never be normal XD
ull never be able to walk around with a small bag ( girl)
wouldnt your iphone over heat with that thing on during the summer/ or even when your charging your phone!
well i dont know about you guys but my phone gets lava hot when charging!
adding  a teddy to it 
will be like adding clothing to a little dog !

so alaaaasss my furry friend we cannot be together
nah i think ill still get it for the sake of the cutness maybe ill hide it and  only attach it at home XD
i could imagine just getting home and running to my room then putting it on my phone
then start strokeing it while rocking back and forth laughing.. laughing lol

so here is what i ended up choosing its not as cute but hey i know my phone woudnt blow up!
and i know the ears wouldnt fall off ( its a soft case)
also it looks cute in the front and the back
unlike the other ones like the teddy, panda and elephant they only look cute at the back but in the front look really weird as its just blank and plain with padding

kinda like the picture below

if at all ill recommend the angel wings one, or the penguin at least they are pleasant in the front too!
but this is just my opinion its all up to you guys

well guys i hope i helped and i hope you guys too will get some cute covers too :)

heres a question for you guys what would you do if your partner had this case ( male or female)
do you think its wrong for guys to have cute stuff
if your a guy give your opinion.. i mean would you wear a pink or yellow shirt in public?

cyndi out 

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