Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Introducing cyndi nibbles > moi!

hey cookie crumbles!

This will be a little introduction post to my new blog woop woop ohh yeahhhh XD
soooo basically its going to be about just about everything, and all things... hmm basically anything that this mind of mine comes up with.. well not everything.. well...most things... trust me you dont want to know everything because not everything that goes on up there is nibble proof *shifty eyes*

... aha .. yeah.. nibble proof soooo anyways :D

                                      im cyndi nibbles yay ^.^ nice to meet you too foo shooie 

"cyndi? hmm okay probably her name or something but nibbles? what's that about"*

                          well my darlings you see I love food... all of them ice cream!!, ginger-bread-                  men!!, cupcakes!! errm alrite alrite well maybe its not food i should really just say Im a junk food fantic oh well who doesnt love crappy food ?? 

but dont worry this isnt a food blog, this is just me going on about stuff! and yupp theres lots of more stuff to come so keep on watch on this page you guys ill be updateing most days of the week until my vlogs come out :)

oh yeah quick tip for those that dont know how to use blogger you have two options really

1. you can join my google+ circle this is where you basically get news feeds and updates on your blogger account/g+ page 

2 you can sign up for email notifications ooooo thats right talk about cookies directly to your door ! great for perverts wink* wink* XD kiddin 

3..... lol thats a fail yupp darlings number 3 ^__^ follow me through other social feeds listed on the side of my blog 

seee you guysss later xxxx nibbie yum!


  1. Replies
    1. respect for that lol
      Especially in milk <3

  2. please check out my blog too

    1. i joined your site :p
      its pretty good we should collab at some point

  3. how did you make your picture ;0
    it reminds me of venusagnelic

    1. it was an online software called imagetrans enjoy :)