Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Intoducing Nibblyyyy Nibles + Fishes Are Sexi

hey marshmellows!

soo whats up today welly well well nothing much to be honest... nope im lying bwahhahha
well actually you see ive introduced myself so now its nibbles turn to do so!

uh-huh thats right nibbles himself
well you see nibbles is my co star of my great amazing up coming entertaining show !
hes amazing trust me youll love him his kind of the little annoying kid brother... brother .. hamster .. man thing.. ughhh whatever lol.. that  youll never have, here is a few pictures of nibbles doing his favourite things yay!

 "Im Nibbles oh yeah and im soo cool !^--^"

Nibbles looking for food.

Nibbles editing the blog bwahahha he has to hop to type! awww how sad

Nibbles at sucide hill. Aka top of my wordrope.

trust me guys i said hes amazing but this guy does have a attitude how? ohhh youll find out 
bahhhh hes a sneeky one hes quiet mouthy and has the combat skills of a gold fish 

yes a gold fish i mean cmon guys have you ever seen the mouth of a Gold fish 
well if you checked it out ull notice one thing
they never frikin close!!!!

 XD well they are constantly blabbering and running their mouth across the underwater communication waves 
what's that nibbles ? they need to do that to breath you say?
bwahahh what nosense thats just what they want us to belive you silly thing.

check it out woah!!!  told you now you belive me! huh ? huh! you doooo!!! awww love you guys ! <3

dayumm check out that nice round batty  mouth lol .
i wonder if its some kind of sexual thing like they show of the widness of their mouths and compare themselves like guys do ? 
yknow you get me you know XD
u knowww where *wink * wink  doooonttt pretend - silly accent-

XD my first own edited webt toon strip u likey? there going to be a lot more of them
yay or nay? aha you guys vote :)

"I can see the white line cant you do anything right?!!!"
shut up nibbles or youll be sleeping with the fishes tonigt !! and since we dont own any fishes ull be sleeping with the toilet bowl fishes 
!!!oooooh no shes didnt!
oh yeah!
thats right!
ull be sleeping with poop >:) alllll nighttttttt 

awww poor fish even they get sexually harassed reminds me of a certain area in london at a certain highstreet aha those of you that know me will know this place
whoever that gets this will win a prize i swear honsetly!!

seeeee you get him!! oo isnt he a pretty little thing 
look!! nibbles is getting jealous bwahahhaha!!
nibbles i think hes better looking than you :p
he even has a bigger trunk .... *ahem* soooo guysss

ill annonce the winner by next week get emailing guys :) or commenting.. whichever floats the nasty boat :)
ready to start?
ready? 3333!!! 222222!!!! 1111!!!!

its a place in west london 
that ends with the word.... slow
it also has a big grocery store that sounds like smashda !! smmmhhh smasssdaaaaaaaa

ahhhhh th doughnuts just thinking off those doughnutss!!! *drools* 

ok! ok! off topic now !! focus cyndi focus!!! focusssssszzzzzz zzz zzzzz.....
argh too focused!
alrite back to the fishhhhh!! oooo yeahhh

can you imagine the breath of that thing
                     do you think fishes have breath?
                                                        does it smell?
                                                                       can other fishes small it?
you know it perfectly explains why in documentries and underwater fish world shows ( ooo imagine fish on a game show like the weakest link ) you randomly see a a whole bunch of fishes literally running!!.. to a random destination as if they where in temple run!!! hmmmm speaking of which i really need to download temple run two 
you guys should too!:D

" cyndi fishes dont run, second of all,..... your like half a year late!" 
silenceee!!! i knewwww that damn it >__<!!!

loool ok seriously going off topic here !!! these are the questions that torment me at night bwa-har!

"ugh she talk about being a hypocrate she goes on and on as much as the fish iself
hrmmm she might even be a fish :0"

whaaaaa noooo stop ill cry im deffo no fish i wouldnt like to imagine that
i could see what ill look like now
*shudder* what terror 

well thats it for today guys :)
hope you enjoyed my secon post
" introducing nibbles?!! hey the fish got more attention than i did ! woman ! i barely got the spot light!"
shush bibbles youll get your chance later on...jezzz what a old lady.
no! i refuse to be kept silent
damn it shush nibbles do you want to be hated on your first day

wow guys check it out nibbles exploded well hopefully hell be back again for my next entry ahahahaha
thatll teach him !

byeee chshies xx


  1. ZOMG is it gregslow? ive got this awsome place near my area that sells fishes in wholesale

    1. nope
      sorry no elephant 4 u :p
      try again im sure you would love an elephant giving you a back scrub every now and then better than evil siblings right

  2. aha im now officially a nibble fan