Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hot and Cold Sweet and yumticious lol what is there not to love?


heeeeeeeya yum yums!

welcome to the first blog post on " well funny food" 
im not sure if you have noticed yet but i have created a extra tab on the menu bar all about this section, if you haven't checked it out yet , i suggest u doooooo :p

the series is going to be about, my crazy food cravings, im not sure if you guys know yet, but those of you that follow me on twitter will know im a crazy food addict! I love crazy food combinations and eat the most random of things

-im the person who eats rice for brekfast
-im the person who could eat a cake for brekfast claiming they have brekfasty ingridents ( eggs, milk what else would you need - its the perfect B-fast ingridents )
-im the person who would drive my friends bonkers!! completely nuts over my food habbits for instance i would moan about how badly i really want some mc donald pancakes through out a whole lesson until they are literally like STFFUUUU!!! ( im sorry TP XD hiiiii if your reading this <3)
-im the kind of person that would eat a whole family sized pizza 
-im the person that would always order up to third round when i go to to ice cream shops
-im the kind of person that would randomly wake up in the night and start ravaging the fridge for a roast turky

this may not sound bad to you but trust me ull have to be with me to belive! lolz
anyways lovlies
today i wil tell you one of my favorite inventions,that ive also got my family hooked on, those those of you that actually know me ull probably be surprised because we hide it well XD....

drum roooollllll!!!

o.0 ice cream and chips!! 0.o

Trust me darlings before you judge this food combination you must must must!!
totally try it out! get your cute butts over to the nearest mc donalds and order a yummy mc flurry and extra large french fries, and i can grantee you wouldnt regret it :)

I had two of my friends try this combo the other day and lets just say they are now creamyyy saltyyy addicts..... ok that sounds wrong... but you get what i mean :D
They go together like peabut butter and jelly!!!
so yupp try it out lovlies :)

it all started one day back when i was living tempo in my origin country Nigeria i was hanging out with some friends and we decided to go nandos back then i was only 13/14we where having brger and chips at the time then we noticed some other kids dipping and whipping! we then decided to order a chocolate Frosty! and omgggggg parrtyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

my favorite combos so far in order are:

chips + stawberry ice cream
chips + vanilla
then chocolate

>.< not perticularly keen on other flavours tho ekkkk!

heres some questions for you guys

have you tried this food combo before
do you think you would like it if you havent
do you have any similar salty sweet cravings
what was it like when you first tried this combo

looking forward to your comments <3 cyndi out xoxoxoxox


  1. i think im going to love this series keep it up cyndi :)

    1. i totally agree its nice with postashio or however you spell that stuff

    2. LMAOOOO u funny

      its pistachio ice cream
      amazing right mint with chocolate woah! i seriously need to get some ice cream
      so is it your favorite?

  2. i like to get some chips and then a needle then sucking up some chocolate ice cream into the needle then injecting it into the chips and eating it like a porfitalo
    yummy indeed :)

    1. Actually i think itll be much more tastier if you get some ice cream and massage it around the chip afterwards then add some sprinkles to it

  3. @ matthew
    @ leesley
    ....omg you guys are wayyyyy deep in there !!!! :D