Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Harlem shake video! to celebrate the youtube great release!!

Hi aweome tawsoms!!

Another quick update at woah 2am?? yupp ypupuppu yupp
wow arent you guys lucky three in a day!!
i mut bbe either super excited or slightly retardley high today

ok im sorry thats totally immature lol
so anyways the post is about the fantastic release of my second youtube video
yes we decided to follow the meme trend of the harlem shaake
but i did this with the assistance of my two loving brothers so please check it out lovlies :)

cyndi out
good night sweets
ohhh dear lord im probably gonna get up tomorrow and realise all the spelling and grammer mistakes ive made 
bwhahahaahha but who cares thats how irresponsible we teens are right...right,.... i oplogize im actuallly a responsible person and im sure u are too
omg see now i cant even end this post properly.....................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fijgegijgdjodg
konks out***


  1. subscribed :)loved this i am going to do one with ma mates myself fairy themed