Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers day !


I hope you guys all had a amazing time with your mothers today, or if your a  mother ( fully grown adult) and read my blog just know your way too amazing and i love you for reading up to this far :)

orrrr unless your like 13.... and have like a 3 year old... then wow how would that work would you spend time with your child, or with your mother... well cmon you dont want both nagging you at once

one crying for nipples
the other crying that your showing nipples lol lol
im kidding 

ill love you guys no matter what , never judge others if you dont know their full true story ! yupp thats what i belive in... im a beliver!!!!!! i belive i cannnn flyyyyyyyy!! 
i belive i could touch the sky!!! 
i think about youuu everyyy night and dayyyy 
i just wanna strech my armmsss out and fly awayyyyy!!
ermmmm i might have gotten the lyrics wrong

hey dont judge me! i tried!
aha so do you guys remember that song ive been singing it all day today... i remeber back in the days!
well not that far back in the days!
more or like 3- 4 years ago wow i remember being a high school student literally rushing home just to go and watch X-factor and literally every !!!! single!!! performer would sing this song!!!
it was rediculos!!! 
theyll be making remixes!!, and even matching it up with funny michel jackson moves!, with white hair and blue eye shadow lol my gosh those days where the bomb! .... 

i sound like a old lady *sobs*

So guys what did you do for your mum on mothers day?
Do you too belive that mothersday is fake in terms of it being a money scam?
do you belive in aliens ( random question of the day)

ill be happy to see your replies on twitter till then
bie bie xx

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  1. i got my mum an ultimate pack of oreos for mothers day