Sunday, 10 March 2013

GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT!! I got sims 3 university life :)

hey all :)

* warning * for those of you lovely dumplings of mine, who arent really intrested in games or technology in any way, and have no keen intrest to know what is involved please click away now as you wouldnt like this one :)

how are you guys!
I hope every things been well!
me? well im just feeling really excited and jumpy today guess what!
those of you that follow me on twitter already would know about it
and thank you guyss soooo muchhhh for your friend invites
ill be accepting every single one of them itll be fun playing online with you guys
that way ill get to know you all :)
and maybe we could even start a club simy group oooooo
lol so getting back to my entry for those of you that dont know.... drum  rollll!!!
i finally got the sims 3 expansion pack i wanted sims 3 university life woop woop ^__^
yupp thats right

For those of you that dont know what the sims is in short easy cyndi words its basicallllllyyyy a game that kinda copies life, in terms of your family , friends, work, love life and so forth.  but.. well its a game XD so its kinda like exploreng what it would be like if you grew up in a certain family, friends and backround. Thats why I love the sims you get to explore life in the form of a avatar this includes the occasional need for the toilet break too XD

so the expansion pack i got today was basically life at university yayyyyy
ive been eagerly waiting for this one to come out ever since i heard about its release in january :)

you see back when sims 2 was out and everyone was hyping this perticular expansion .... well lets just say i got the game but i had a shitty computer i soooo begged and begged my parents to get me one with higher specs but cmon now which parent would agree to buy their child a new laptop for the sake of a game .

So now that i have the sims 3 i can now finally get to explore this expansion pack :) 
( by the way guys i have all the other expansions too, so feel free to add me :p )

so let me introduce you to my sim, her name is patricia ive been playing this character in the regular sims as a young adult too. so now ive decided to transfer her to the sweet bliss of university life!
ahhhh where emotional flaws such as childhood rape re surfaces :)
so anyway i enrolled her into a fine arts degree this involves art, music and a few other stuff. I personaly my self have always wanted to to learn how to play he guitar, Ive also drawn ever since i was a child , i remember those days when i thought that if i could just draw pickachu that would make me a amazing artist XD

well guess what now i hate it thanks to some high school truma , however deep down i still wish i could study something artisitic but sadly i grew up with business sooooo thats why ive decided to play this sim as if it was my life.

heres my sim showing off her amazing guitar skills to 2 dorm mates 
( theres about 7-9 of them in total i have no idea where the others went bahh who am i kidding probably went out drinking)

you see this sim here is my sims so called favourite friend within the dorm room, shes studies business but strangely very really rebelious, and a bit slutty ( oooeee noooo waytta go the sim company) every now and then ill see her kissing random guys around camous, that or shes around doing random dares ( i saw her swimming in a dumster) i mean omg check her out if you look carefuly she has green nasty shitty smog around her ( this happens when you dont give your sims a bath) i mean cmon ewwww and shes been like that for like 3 sim days , talk about bad hygene ( btw its not just her my other sim house mates are soo etarded too some of them havent bathed in weeks and have every other sim about to vomit when that one sim enters the room) she might aswell go roll in the mud with some pigs and do a belly dance with them ickkyyyyy ...

so i decided to have my fun with her one day and dared her to eat cinamon ! ( yes guys the cinamon challenege i love how he company has put the fun things us teens do nowaday for a sick joke , but i lol at the fact on how they are so 2012 with it i mean cmon seriously theres more food dares cmon its 2013 lol) so anyway in this picture she has just put the cinamon in her mouth ahahahah check out her reaction...

bwahahhah take that !

not as easy as you thought it would be huh? aha she literally looks like shes sitting down on a imaginary toilet and struggleing to take a shit XD
AHA constipated
squeeezeeee girrlllll pushhhh harder harderrrr!!!! i almost seee the head!

so anyway a few hours laer after my sim had finished studying my sim had literally just walked out of her room and then saw this 

XD it looks like someone .. well probably anothr  house mate had dared her to kiss someone!
ewww that must have been some nasty kiss cmon u can still see the oger egg smell coming of her ick man
and you like that shit? :p blech

loool look at the other guys face totally creepy i wonder if he had been perving from the other room the whole time , gosh he looks like a cerial killler... hes looking at you guys omg hes proably after you guys next! if i where you ............ill look around you... very... very.. slowly

aha you know when you have those akward moments for real life, and you see something your not sure you should have seen ohhhh i dunno like.. your parents having se.....
so anyway what do you guys usually do when this accours?
can you guess what i do lol
its easy its the same thing i do all the time and it works in every situation... i just bring out my phone and start pretending to text someone.. well in this game usually u tell your sims what to do but sometimes they have their own free will and do whatever they want well it looks like we share the same mind set as my sim decided to check out kitty kat videos on her phone as she walked into this akward nasty piggy scene.

i told you she was a strange one 
later on i caught her having  arguement with another house mate
wow if i went to uni and had to deal with these kinda people + drama i think ill go on a killing spree
im sorry for who ever that had to live with me because that one surivier that one dude that came back after a lesson and some how escaped the cyndi-apocolypse will come back to chopped up heads hanging like a baby  mobile on the ceiling >:)... and then ill jump and attack him on the back with a sward like a NINJA!!

 ugh check out the warewolf guy he is very smelly too aha looks like my sim cant stand standing between these too smelly sims much longer yuck its like being surrounded by two over sized sumo wrestlers in diapers that had just messed themselves but their chubby arms cant reach the diape strap and they arnt long enough to  wipe their bum... then THEY HUG YOU!!! ARGHGHHGHGHGHGH!!! OMGGG
 later on they decided to watch tv aha look at smelly girl she thinks the wolf guys smells damn has she gone near a mirror lately cuz im sure itll crack at the sniff of her, im sure even a shower door will close up when shes attempts to use it. itll be like helll noooo!!! back away!!! ive dealt with bad stuff but you!? oh no way darling not today! please go take a shower in the toilet bowl then maybe ull at least be clean enough for me to take you on!
ewww check out the hair work on this guy and he has the guts to walk around in those shorty-shorts? they really would make a great match :p

 so i just realised how freaky the shows are in this game ( as you guys know you have the ability to change tv channels ) well today i decided to try out the kiddie channel and omg look at what i saw.... if i grew up watching that...... woah lets not even think about it... this cow was seen touching up another character in a show.. enoguh said

just to prove to you guys the bad hygene of the house mates in my sims house i had to make her go downstairs to show you guys his picture ! guess what this is ! its the dinning rooom , this is where sims eat!
you see all those flies and green smelly smoke , that is from all the food that the other sims have eaten 1000000 years ago and left on the table to rot, look at my sim shes literally comparing her house mates nasty hygene instincts to that of a goat.. no patricia even goats lick themselves clean.
the smell is so bad that anytime my sim has to cross this room to get to the computer room she has a sick face icon set in her mood bar which knocks off a powerful 50 points as she also gets the dirty surroundings negative moodlet.. cmon guys check out those flues there must be a whole family of flies wait no generations after generations of the family members plus friends must be there! it must be so bad that when they want to go party hey say " hey lets go to the house with the free all you can eat buffer!"

there is no way im making my poor sims clean up that mess
 ... thank God she eats in the cafe and not at home.

hope you liked this post guys i thought ill blog my few  hours experience in the game so far
if you guys are eager to know what im up to i may make a seperate tab for what im up to
or just fontinue to follow me on twitter :)
i thank you guyssss sooo much for the lovely messages :)
so tell me have you guys had bettter luck with your house mates than i have?

see you marshmellows next time 
peace out xx


  1. i love thee sims please do a series of this

    1. i already have please check it out in the tabs above!

  2. omgggg the snogging made me throw up in my throat!!

    1. imagine how i felt seeing it live in action! swirling and twirling.. and swirling.... oh dear lord i need a bowl right now rofl