Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Another ice cream combo with dough!

Hey creamy chasers >:)

Today im just doing a quick update
and guess what im sure you can tell looking at the title but ive just discovered my new favorite ice cream combo! Today i went to the pizza hut restaurant with the family, and after a very long day i was actually seriously craving for something sweet!
So for the first time in my life i decided to check out the desert section in pizza hut!
You know this  may surprise you guys but im sure lots of you have had the famous cookie dough before especially if your a costa/Starbucks regular but the one from pizza hut is totally different!!
this one is literally niceeeee warmmmmm cookie dough it really looks like dough aswell ( half bakes) but the beuty of this is that its then covered in chocolate ! omg guys you must try it forget chips and ice cream this tops it off way overrrr!!!!

The pizza hut one is also diffrent in another way they give you ice cream on top of the chocolate
woahhhh my mouth is just watering just thinking about it all over again!!!mmmmmm..... i want some more deliciousness!!!!
i think ill order some after ive posted this XD

yupp lovlies so in conclusion you must try the cookie dough offer at pizza hut!
mmm... still hungry ....

oh yeah and if you guys are reading this at the right time 
for those of you that dont know every tuesday pizza hut do a half price offer
sometimes they have desert deals so maybe you could grab this at a yummy discount then - especially if you order online for delivery :)
so if you guys do go please tell me what your experience was 

ooooo question time!!!

have you ever tried cookie dough before 
are yu willing to try it if you havent
have you tried it with ice cream
hmmmm what do you think it would taste like with toffee ice cream
what ice cream flavour would you have your cookie dough with
and do you have any other cream tastic combinations to offer us :)

bye muchies 


  1. do you know whats nicer than cookie dough raw cookie dough!!!
    Well i have eaten TONS of cookie doe in my life, i never get sick or anything at all. They say its mad because usually, when you make cookie doe, you mix raw eggs in it. They say that raw eggs are very bad for your health and CAN POSSIBLY get you sick. IDK why because they say that raw eggs have lots of protein. I do believe that raw eggs make you sick, but with other stuff mixed in it, i dont think it even matters. Maybe just dont eat cookie doe with a lot of eggs or something. But i seriously think its OK because i eat more cookie doe than anyone! haha seriously though

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  2. ewwww thats just plain nasty XD raw cookie dough?? @okocha